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10 Fun White T-Shirts from Cool Local Brands to Shop Right Now

Consider something that's not plain for a change!
If, like yours truly, you hoard plain white T-shirts by the discounted Hanes three-pack, maybe it's time you consider something a touch more unique and proudly local! Here, peruse 10 fun graphic options from this handful of young, cool Filipino labels. Aries

13 Adorable Wrap Dresses You Can Shop Right Now

We're obsessed.
Introducing the frock that turned fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg into a household name. Legend goes that, in 1974, Diane released her very first line of wrap dresses—swingy, clingy, ultra-flattering pieces made in silk jersey and created to cling coquettishly to a

These Are the Summer Pieces We're Taking into the Rainy Season

Here's how to style 'em for the downpour.
Summer is finally over—the past days' heavy rains are all you need to make it official. That said, what's a girl to do if her wardrobe's still stuck on the beach? Below, five of the sun season's most hardworking pieces and how

Here are 10 Pairs of Sparkly Shoes You Can Wear Even in Daytime

Oooh, shiny.
Okay, indulge us (and yourself, TBH). Imagine that you don't have prejudices against the sparkly shoe—they're only for evening, you cry. They're just too much for normal days!Full offense, but you're wrong! Just imagine these 10 gorgeous pairs teamed with an achingly

10 Animal Print Pieces to Help You Walk on the Wild Side

Hear 'em roar.
Swinging from the sartorial vine has never been this fun. Thing is, animal prints are never really going to go out of style—it all depends on the pieces you buy! Below, 10 of the most current reiterations for your shopping pleasure. Go

14 Beautiful Pajama Sets You'll Love Sleeping In

Sweet dreams!
Trust us: nothing beats a good night's sleep, so why not make snoozing an altogether more decadent experience by snuggling up in a premium pair of PJs? Below, we give you 14 of our favorites. You can bet the bedbugs won't bite!

15 Unique Denim Jackets You Need in Your Closet Right Now

Basics shouldn't have to be boring.
Chances are, you already own a trusty denim jacket. That's great and all, but have you ever considered its potential to be your outfit's statement-maker instead of just being the fallback that it usually is? Below, 15 unique pieces for your serious

10 Embroidered Shirts You Can Shop Now

A subtle, feminine way to upgrade your workwear.
Even your daily workwear threads need some spice, and there are actually a ton of ways to shake some in. Flavor of the day? Dainty, embroidered button-downs! Here, 10 pieces you can shop and style right into your office OOTDs. Drab no

16 Cute and Comfy Skorts to Shop Now

Perfect for your hectic days!
Feel free to laugh in the face of unexpected gusts of wind, ladies. The skort is at your service! For days that are both hot and hectic, don one of these 16 chic options for a look that teeters along the line

14 Bodysuits That Don't Look Like Swimsuits

For when you can't be bothered to tuck your shirt in!
One of the most difficult tasks in life is tucking your shirt back in after going to the loo (we see you nodding your heads in agreement). The solution? A bodysuit! You're hesitating though, and that's probably because images of skimpy swimsuits

13 Waterproof Shoes to Wear This Rainy Season

Flood wading? No big deal.
If one of your biggest pet peeves in life are rain-soaked feet, then you've definitely clicked on the right article. For your utter relief, we've rounded up 13 of the chicest waterproof kicks out there—from boots to sneakers to even hiiigh heels.

13 Stylish Boxy Sling Bags You Can Shop Now

These are adorable.
It's time for a change, creature of habit. If you're the type to carry your entire house around with you on the daily, puh-lease give that giant ol' tote a rest! A small, structured crossbody bag oughta be the priority on your

12 Pairs of Grandpa Specs to Shop Now

Sport the eyeglasses trend du jour.
Your lolo is really, really cool. You've stolen his comfy, oversized knits and maybe even his heirloom leather belts and watches, but now it's time to swipe just one more thing—his specs! Look to the streets to find that those wire-rimmed glasses

11 Chic Lace-Up Swimsuits to Shop Now

These have got us on a string!
May is about to end, but that doesn't mean you can't sneak in one last beach trip—and one last adorable swimsuit trend, while you're at it. You've shopped for velvet bikinis, nude maillots, and ballet-inspired pieces; this time, hunt down tasteful, elegant

15 Velvet Swimsuits You Can Shop Now

Live the plush life.
Velvet may be one of the plushest, most decadent fabrics, but that doesn't mean you can't take it beachside! The trend's trickled down to the seashore, and it's promising to be your new favorite companion—don't believe us? Scroll through our top 15