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Manila Fashion Fest Now Style Spotting Day 4

See all the stylish attendees here.
Day four of Manila Fashion Fest Now falls on a Friday, and what better way to start the weekend than to witness local talents come alive on the runway, right? But it's not just the designer clothes that made the evening special.

JC Buendia’s ‘First Lady’

Girl power on the runway.
From Jackie Kennedy to Michelle Obama, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, and Queen Letizia of Spain – these are the women, who according to JC Buendia, are behind a successful man. Underlining the designer’s fascination on how clothes play a part in diplomacy, inspiring a

Lourd Ramos x Aderans’ ‘Creations by the Creator’

You’ll want to wear a wig seeing this collection.
In collaboration with Aderans, hair stylist of the stars Lourd Ramos brings to the runway artistically crafted hair extensions and full wigs on humans’ heads. It imbibes the Japanese culture, taking cues from Samurais, Emperors and Empresses, they will present the best

Manila Fashion Fest Now Style Spotting Day 3

Guests are bringing their A-game at MFF Day 3!
It's day three of Manila Fashion Fest Now and one might think the attendees would run out of fashionable clothes to wear. But last night's turnout will prove you wrong as more guests waltzed in the venue looking their most stylish self

Brit Tripudio’s ‘The Ball’

Culture captured on the runway.
Brit Tripudio knows how to stage a one of a kind runway show. His show starts with two dancers setting the mood, amping up the crowd in anticipation of his collection that explores the LGBT subculture fully translated in deconstructed formal and casual.

National Commission for Culture and the Arts Collabs with MFF Now

See their collection here!
For the first time, a government institution partners with Manila Fashion Fest Now in an effort to champion local designers as well as to promote indigenous textiles and materials. The National Commission for Culture and the Arts held a design competition that

Manila Fashion Fest Now Style Spotting Day 2

See the stylish attendees on the 2nd day of MFF!
On the second day of Manila Fashion Festival, showgoers seem to have brought their A-game, sprucing up for a night of fashionable festivities. Scroll down to see who caught our eye last night!IMAGE Andrea BelduaStig LatoreIMAGE Andrea BelduaJoma BernardoIMAGE Andrea BelduaJullian CulasIMAGE

Manila Fashion Fest Partners with Goethe Institut

End the loop; champion sustainable fashion.
Manila Fashion Fest Now is tapping not just local talents but also international ones as they partner up with Goethe Institut, bringing in German designs and concepts to a more globalized Philippine fashion landscape. MFF Now and Goethe Institut, in this collection

Gabbie Sarenas’ ‘Pintuho’

It’s an homage to Filipino farmers.
Translating to homage, Gabbie’s Pintuho pays tribute to the Filipino farmers in the most literal sense as her collection exhibits embroideries of palay and carabaos on checked fabrics, chambrays and Japanese cotton. Her collection is inspired by Filipino housewear with the use

Azucar’s ‘La Danse de la Feminite’

Check out the full collection here.
Azucar by Arleen Sipat-Sutton’s collection is the embodiment of sophistication and ultimate expression of self-love. Romance fills the air as it delivers femininity in modern forms of lace, luxe fabrics, and ruffles. Semi-blindfolded models walked down the runway in textured dresses with asymmetric neck

Cheetah Rivera’s ‘Bem, Bem Maria!’

Let’s dance!
Moved by the Spanish arts, Cheetah Rivera brings to the runway an inspired collection fusing together cultural experiences from dynamic flamenco and fiery bullfighting. She dresses the modern woman in a romantic yet sultry vibe reminiscent of masterpieces and paintings of Basque

3 Things to Look Forward to at the Manila Fashion Festival

Innovation and fashion coincide.
Manila Fashion Festival (MFF) has been around for some time. It’s a bi-annual event that celebrates Filipino fashion and craftsmanship. Partnering with over 60 designers and creatives from the Netherlands, this year’s fashion festival is bound to get even more exciting. Apart

Coca Cola Red Label at Manila Fashion Festival

View the full collection here.
Did you know that in other countries, the Coca Cola company also sells apparel to go with the fizzy drink? Well, they do and now they’re bringing the line to our tropical shores. Yay! Coke that you can wear? That’s exactly what