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10 Fun, Colorful Summer Manicure Ideas for Short Nails

Because you don't need long nails to play around with color!
It’s no secret that the perfect manicure can elevate any look. The thing is, when you search up nail art inspiration online, you’ll probably be faced with pictures of thousands of celebrities and influencers donning the acrylic nails trend. We totally understand

The Internet Is Obsessed with This DIY Hack for Flawless French Tips

It's easy, and works even if you have shaky hands!
Tiktok has now become the best place for discovering helpful hacks, and a cool trick that's been making rounds recently is all about nails—French tips, to be exact!This French tip hack was first made viral by Tiktok user Maria Zarkova, who made instant

7 Pretty Manicure Ideas You Should Try If You Love Pops of Color

Add a little fun to your nails!
Having colorful digits is a great way to fight off the gloomy rainy days. Plus, it's super fun to pair with your outfits! If you're looking for ideas, try these manicure ideas with pops of color below for a little pick-me-up!Colorful rainbow-colored tips will

10 Colorful, Floral Manicures That Will Look Stunning on Short Nails

Who says you need long nails to rock a fresh manicure?
We know the rainy season is here, so we wanted to try a different beauty direction: Why not try floral-themed manicures to brighten a gloomy day.And before you say "I need a nail salon for that," fret not. Flower designs are pretty

8 Pretty and Minimalist Nail Art Ideas You Should Try This Summer

Extend the summer fun to your digits!
Summer has arrived! Whether you're at the beach or enjoying a well-deserved staycation, a punch of color on your nails plus a little pamper time is never a bad idea—after all, you'll surely be taking a lot of Insta-worthy photos during this

10 Nude and Beige Manicure Ideas If You Love Minimalist Nails

Since nude looks good an any skintone!
I don’t know about you but getting my nails done has always been a great way to destress. Whether it means going to a salon for a manicure or painting my digits at home—giving nails that extra oomph of color is never