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Score Pieces for as Low as P295 at Mango's Big Sale

Time to revamp your wardrobe!
Those of you who spend tons of time planning your OOTDs have probably experienced "nothing to wear" syndrome: You have a full closet, but somehow you still can't put a decent outfit together. That's why it pays to check your wardrobe every

15 Lightweight Sweaters You Can Still Wear for a Cozy January

When it's not too hot but not too cold either.
It's that confusing time again between the -ber months and the summer season—the weather's stuck in limbo: cold enough for outerwear and warm enough for a T-shirt and jeans combo. While we advise against busting out your heavy cable-knit tops, you can

Here's What to Wear to Your Visa Interview

Look appropriately stylish.
If you're traveling to a country that requires a visa, then be prepared to go through the make-or-break interview process. Even though there's no set dress code (and eventually it all boils down to how you answer the consulate officer's questions), it won't hurt

How to Nail Smart Casual Dressing Using Mango's Latest Collection

Recreate these smart casual outfits!
It's a bit of a challenge trying to strike the perfect balance between an appropriately formal attire and a relaxed, casual outfit. You're never quite sure whether you're overdoing it or you're sorely underdressed. But don't worry, we've got you covered—update your

15 Stylish Coats to Shop Now, According to Your Budget

Keep warm and stylish this season!
Give your wooly sweaters and bulky hoodies a rest for the -ber months. Instead, buckle up for the cold season with coats that don't just provide coverage but also add style points to your outfits. Below, we rounded up a list of

15 Pairs of Ankle Boots to Complete Your Statement Outfit

Say goodbye to your boring black boots!
Opting for a pair of ankle boots is a sure-fire way to elevate your outift. It's a stylish option even during the summer and also a comfortable yet functional choice for the breezy -ber months, especially if you're traveling to somewhere cold.

Tricia Gosingtian's Spain OOTDs Are Your New Sweet, Summery Pegs

She's making us want to book a trip, stat.
Hola! Looking perfectly dainty on the go seems to be Tricia Gosingtian's field of expertise—she's got a real gift for being put together wherever she's jetting off to next and no matter the weather. New case in point: her Spanish summer OOTDs!

Here's Where to Shop for Your Dreamy Bohemian OOTDs This Summer

Mango's latest collection will take you back in time.
Picture this: the seaside, the trees, and the free-spirited early mornings spent by the Mediterranean Sea. In the afternoons, when the fresh air hits the rocks, the view becomes even more intimate. See it yet? Mango's Spring-Summer 2018 collection sets the scene

Here's How Your Favorite High Street Brands Got Their Names

Do you know what H&M stands for?
What's in a name? Every successful brand has a name that is easily etched into their market's minds. It's essential as it unfies the company's essence, establishes its branding, and enforces a strong recall. So if you've ever wondered how famous high

15 Pairs of Sunnies to Get You Ready for the Summer Sun

We've rounded up the cutest pairs.
Since the summer sun is making its presence known, there's no better add-on to accessorize with than a good pair of shades. Aside from shielding your eyes from the sun's harsh rays, they easily up your Instagram game, enclosing your stare in

The Age of Modesty: Muslim Fashion is Here

Cover up to spruce up!
Muslim fashion. These two juxtaposed words would already give you a certain identifying look that stereotypes women who practice this faith. As Ramadan just started, Islamic governments are becoming stricter and go as far as arresting Muslims who wear anti-Islamic clothing, according

Kendall Jenner's Off-Shoulder Dress Costs Under P3,000!

And you can get it right here in the Philippines!
Drop everything you’re doing right now and run to the mall! We found Kendall Jenner’s mustard off-shoulder dress, and it is totally within budget!(@kendalljenner)The Charlize dress is by Spanish high street brand Mango, which tapped Kendall for its Spring 2016 campaign. The best news? It retails forP2,795 online and

SHOP: The Key Pieces from Mango A/W 2015 Collection

The pieces are very Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne.
Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne have #somethingincommon—they are the new faces of Mango’s A/W 2015 campaign.With Kate's strong boho looks combined with Cara's biker chic sensibilities, the two strongly embody the latest offerings of one of our favorite Spanish labels. To know

Yes, This Is a Shoe

Meet Gucci's new Muppet.
Meet Chewbacca and George's (Pauline Juan’s furry Brother Vellies companion at #Preview20) second cousin, twice removed: Gucci’s Princetown slip-on loafer. This little bit of trouble raised some brows at the Fall 2015 show with its long and shiny goat hair make, fastened with the

SHOP AHEAD: The Very Best Buys from Mango A/W 2015

Know what to buy before you raid the store.
After sale season, drops the Autumn-Winter offerings of our favorite fast fashion labels. If you’re over the Spring Summer pile and would like to get ahead of the pack, then you might as well check out the list we’ve already sorted out

Cara Delevingne and Kate Moss for Mango

The Brit models unite for a second time.
No one can ever forget that My Burberry campaign starring Cara Delevingne and Kate Moss. So what happens when a second campaign stunt is launched? A huge success, we bet.Mango just announced through an Instagram post that Cara and Kate will grace their


Look good on dry land and on the wet sand.
With this sweltering heat, you’ve probably been reaching for those denim cut-offs and camisoles more than necessary. Hubadera summer style has had its heyday but now, it’s all about sexy subtlety—like a hint of bare shoulder or unexpected details like spliced cut-outs.