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Here's How to Properly Disinfect All of Your Makeup

Don't skip this!
The Department of Health raised the alert for COVID-19 to Code Red Sublevel 2 as the number of cases has jumped to 187. One step we should take to prevent the spread of the disease is to keep our surroundings and ourselves

5 Celebrity Makeup Artist Secrets That Will Elevate Your Beauty Routine

Check out these pro tips from the stars' go-to MUA, Anthea Bueno.
There's always something new to learn about makeup, especially when you get the chance to talk about it with the pros. That's why when Camille Co uploaded an interview with Anthea Bueno on her YouTube channel, we couldn't help but breeze right through

Review: Are Chanel Makeup Brushes Really Worth the Splurge?

See if you really need these in your life.
What: Chanel Les Pinceaux de Chanel brushesLes Pinceaux de Chanel is a set of 21 makeup brushes developed by the brand's global creative makeup and color director, Lucia Pica. Each brush was created to make product application easier for every woman, with

5 Reasons Why You Need Makeup Brushes in Your Life

Prepare to be converted.
Whoever said that makeup brushes are only for makeup artists must be a master finger painter. Because even if you're a beginner, you absolutely have use for brushes in your kit. With one stroke, your looks can reach new heights and even

How to Apply Makeup With Your Fingers Like a Pro

All hands on deck!
Brushes and sponges are great for more intriciate looks, but nothing compares to our fingers for convenience. Not to mention how they're free and are always (quite literally) at arm's reach! Just keep certain methods in mind and you, too, might find

Makeup Brushes 101: Face Brushes

Know the basics!
To master your base makeup, you have to be armed with the right tools. And as daunting as the search for your perfect foundation brush can be, we promise that the results will make everything worth it. So put your reading glasses

Decoding The Confusing Types Of Makeup Brushes

This cheat sheet will make all our makeup brush woes disappear.
With the number of makeup brushes available, it’s easy to get confused and just succumb to the tempting act of using our fingers to apply makeup. While there’s nothing wrong with doing that, makeup brushes are made for a reason as they

Mother's Day Gift Guide: For The Kikay Mom

Help your mom paint on a pretty face!
It’s never too late to invest on a good set of high quality brushes. Just the thing for makeup mavens and newbies alike, this travel set has everything a girl could need. From fluffy face brushes to precise eye tools, each brush

Tools Of The Trade

We brush up your knowledge on basic makeup tools.
Makeup tools are key for flawless makeup application. These come in many shapes and sizes like brushes and sponges, tiny hardware like eyelash curlers and tweezers. It's perfectly normal to be boggled on which tool does what so we decided to create