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Makeup Mistakes You Might Be Making in Your 40s

Are you guilty of these?
Updating your skincare routine in your 40s is a no-brainer. You most likely already have a serum or exfoliant you swear by for maintaining that youthful glow. Your makeup techniques shouldn't fall that far behind, so while you're at it, give those an

Beauty Emergency: How to Fix a Botched Makeup Job

No need to call 911!
First thing's first: let's be clear. No, seriously. If you're getting your makeup done at a salon or by a hired artist, lay the rules down before even touching the chair—hate having falsies on? Tell them. Detest wearing eyeliner on your lower

5 Makeup Mistakes Girls Who Wear Glasses Should Avoid

Here's how you can look your best when sporting your specs!
Knowing the right makeup to sport is extra challenging when you wear glasses on a daily basis. And since we know just how difficult it can be, we're here to help you with a list of beauty mistakes you should avoid so