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These Makeup Products Look Great on All Skin Tones

No more guesswork!
When buying makeup, we always need to consider if the shade will flatter our skin tones, and it sometimes takes a lot of trial and error to find the perfect hue. To make your life easier, we culled the makeup products that

How to Conceal a Bad Tattoo

Experts weigh in on your best options.
So you’re there. You’ve decided that you finally want to get inked only to realize a couple of months later that you had a lapse in judgement. How do you fix it? For the brave, there’s always the option of having another,

Our Favorite Cream Blushes

Slap on some rouge for the most natural looking flush.
For blush, the powder variety seems to be a girl’s go-to. But my makeup kit staple has always been a cream blush. Stains were always too messy (hello, red-tipped fingers!), powder never looked quite right, but cream blush? Always a dream to

Now Try This: Colored Liner

Standing between drab and fab is a thin, colored line.
A smoky eye in the summer seems blah when pit against a thin streak of silver or green across your eyelids. Yup, that’s right, put down your blending brushes and black shadow, because a bright pop of color (think blue, pink, and