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Heart Evangelista's Everyday Makeup Essentials

Take a peek inside her beauty kit!
We know Heart Evangelista as a woman with many talents. She’s an actress, a painter, and a published author. And with impeccable taste across art, beauty, and fashion, we can’t help but swoon over anything she recommends.With the recent launch of her new

Mac Cosmetics X Wicked

MAC Cosmetics teaches us how to rock green eyes, ala Wicked's Elphaba.
Broadway hit, Wicked, finally arrives in Manila! For Elphaba fans out there, you’re in for a treat! We got lucky to sit down with MAC Cosmetics as they openly shared a wearable Elphaba look that you can cop to give your usual party

Choose The Right Foundation For Your Skin Type

Behold, you can finally meet your foundation soulmate.
Finding the best foundation for your face is like looking (and waiting) for your Prince Charming. It can go from a simple fairy tale to a tedious, trial-and-error process. There are various factors to consider before you take home one: skin type,

The Clean Up Crew

Spritz or soak your makeup brushes in these concoctions to bid bacteria goodbye.
We’ve taught you what makeup brushes to use and how to clean them up. So now, we treat you to the most effective brush cleansers you can place on your top shelf.There are two types of brush cleaners: one that spot cleans,

Suesh Opens In Sm Megamall

Finally, the beauty tools haven is more accessible than ever.
Suesh, the beauty haven for professional makeup tools and hard-to-find makeup brands, finally opens a branch in SM Megamall, making it accessible to residents north of Manila. Suesh’s humble origins in Multiply as a reputable online seller of brushes has boomed into a huge

Best Of Beauty 2013: Lips

We're serving up lip products that made our puckers the talk of the town in 2013.
Lip products hold a special place in our hearts because of their superpower abilities: a bold swipe of audacious, vixen red lipstick can cheat you into having an all-dolled-up face in under a minute; lip balms and lip conditioners, apart from hydrating

Best Of Beauty 2013: Cheeks

Here's a rundown of all the topnotch products to make our cheeks lifted, sculpted, and flushed.
Since we are done with the best skincare products and top face bases, let’s move over to the best blushes, bronzers, and highlighters. While foundations are created to make the canvas smooth and clear, the cheek army is tasked to bring life and dimension to

12 Time-saving Multitaskers

Streamline your primping routine with these multitaskers.
The holidaze is now at its peak with Christmas barely a week away. Horrific, daily traffic jams and mall madness subject you into waking up extra early to get into your destination on time. Enter these magnificent beauty multitaskers—these babies cut down

Party-proof Makeup

They will keep you pretty all night long.
After spending two solid hours accomplishing your picture-perfect makeup, you would absolutely love to make it last all night because your hard work should not go to waste. We hate to break this to you, but parties have all the vanishing makeup

Glow Like An Angel

Shine bright like a Victoria's Secret Angel.
After gawking at the Victoria’s Secret Angels’ heavenly bodies at the recent Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, we felt that you, our Style Bible readers deserve to glow like an angel, too. The Angels are famous are for possessing a sun-kissed radiance that we, Filipinas,

The Unselfie

Anne shifts the focus on herself to attend to a more urgent movement, helping others.
A modest approach to cap off  a rough 2013 is to ride on the social media movement, #GivingTuesday where a person takes an #Unselfie with a piece of paper covering her face, written with her charity of choice. Anne Curtis was more than

Beauty 911

Keep calm and carry on. These solutions will fix your beauty emergencies, stat.
Surprise, surprise, you wake up to the most stubborn bad hair day of your life and you've only got less than hour to spare to primp and prettify. You’re not alone, the days when you feel like the universe (especially the goddess

Inglot Cosmetics Is Now In Manila

Brace yourself for pigment paradise!
Famous for its vivid pigments and countless colorway options, we’re very lucky to finally have Inglot Cosmetics land in our territory. Originally from Poland and the brainchild of chemist, Wojtak Inglot, the brand is applauded for its wide selection and dynamic hues.You’ll feel like a kid in a candy

Back To Bases

Build the flawless finish you crave with a base that hits a home run.
A strong makeup look always starts with a clean canvas, and what better way to clean up a ruddy canvas than with a base that gives you clean and even color. In preparation for the flurry of holiday partying that’s about to

How To Put On False Lashes

Believe it or not, you can apply falsies on yourself like a pro.
Aside from loading up coats of mascara on your lashes, you can fake a fuller fringe by applying a pair of strip false eyelashes. You don't need a diploma from beauty school to fulfill your eye-opening dreams. With practice and this easy

Go Loco Over Choco

Have some tasty Wonka-fied treats for your face and body.
The whole world thanks the Mayans for concocting this decadent cacao bean bi-product. Hands down, chocolate is one of man's greatest inventions. We think it is a very important element in our lives; one valid argument would be that chocolate is the

An Eye Opener

We reveal eye-opening secrets to bigger orbs without going under the knife.
Owning a pair of doll-like, expressive eyes have always been a popular desire for most women. If you key in “how to have bigger eyes” in the Google or Youtube search bar, you’ll be swarmed by numerous tutorials on how to create

Lipstick Special: Top 10 Red

We list down the top 10 of the Preview girl's weapon of choice: the red lipstick.
As a special treat for you guys, we’ve unofficially deemed this week as Lipstick Week! Today we’re sticking to the classics, a crash course on the most covetable red lipsticks on the market.  Everyone knows the power of makeup, but the power

Pocket Pals

Take a look at these purse-friendly beauty essentials for girls on-the-go.
Now that Philippine Fashion Week is upon us, editors and other attendees are already preparing outfits. Apart from #ootd planning, we’re also taking note of the beauty products we need that can still fit in our tiny purses. Although we’re tempted to

Meet Your Lip Balm Match

We match the best lip balms based on your personality and needs.
Acquiring pretty, soft, kissable lips all boil down to your puckers being free of flakes and richly pumped up with moisture. Ladies who are fond of wearing lipsticks  are extremely aware that dry lips combined with a bright lip color results to