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#tiptuesday: Glow Like A Pro

Glow-getting moves that are as easy as A-B-C.
We've been talking about highlighters since the Victoria's Secret Angels divulged their glowing secret. The common code is to brush the gleaming powder on the high points of your face, but where exactly are those areas? Simply draw a letter 'G' on

Makeup By The Minute

Got only 5 minutes to do makeup? No problem! We teach you how to glam up within your available time through our GIF tutorials.
You don't need a glam team and hours in front of your dresser to look drop-dead gorgeous. As long as you're armed with red lipstick, you can look polished, stat. While there are infinite ways to sport the fiery shade, we teach

Watch: Vanity Sessions

Up your makeup application game with these tips and tricks from makeup artist Joyce Ignacio.
Though we have tons of appreciation for makeup and the art of makeup application, we do admit we lack the proper technique and application skills. So when we heard about Joyce Ignacio's Vanity Sessions, we jumped for joy! In an attempt to