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Here's How Kathryn Bernardo Is Staying Productive in Quarantine

She's taking up piano lessons too!
As the quarantine drags on we’ve undoubtedly been suffering through that restless cabin fever energy. The challenge to keep busy can be a tough one , and if you’ve been jumping from one hobby to the next then we totally understand. Heck,

Here's How Vivoree Esclito Does Her K-Beauty Makeup Look in 5 Minutes

Can she do a K-beauty inspired makeup look under 5 minutes?
As much as she loves to dance to K-pop, Vivoree Esclito is a fan of K-beauty, too! The young actress has a penchant for Korean-inspired makeup in particular, so when we challenged her to show us her K-beauty-inspired look, she was more than

Alex Gonzaga Does the 5-Minute Makeup Challenge

Get ready to laugh and learn.
Doing your makeup under five minutes is no easy task. But somehow actress-turned-vlogger Alex Gonzaga made it look unbelievably easy and fun. She even squeezed in a lot of puns and laughs while she was at it. See how Alex took on

This Makeup Artist Is Challenging Girls to Use Food As Makeup

These online challenges are getting crazier by the day.
Self-taught makeup artist Raychel Newton has a challenge for all beauty junkies out there (and brace yourself because it’s a totally crazy one). Ready? She calls it #FaceFullofFoodChallenge.If the official hashtag didn't give it away, the challenge is to apply makeup on

Bailona Does the 5-Minute Makeup Challenge

Bailey's reaction at the end was priceless!
Ylona Garcia and Bailey May are the ones to watch. With big endorsements, albums, and acting gigs under their belts, these two 14-year-olds are taking showbiz by storm and are quickly becoming the headliners for the next generation's wave of teen stars.

GabRu Does The 5-Minute Makeup Challenge

Ever wanted to see Ruru in a dark lip?
Gabbi Garcia and Ruru Madrid may have serious roles in Encantandia, but their off-screen personalities are anything but. These two have the wackiest personalities you can ever imagine in two artistas, and they have the chemistry of peanut butter and jelly. So

ToMiho Does The 5-Minute Makeup Challenge

Watch Tommy transform!
Rather than showing you a behind-the-scenes video of their shoot for the September issue, we asked love team and real-life couple Miho Nishida and Tommy Esguerra to film a fun YouTube challenge together for your entertainment. In the video below, Miho does Tommy's