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8 Best Brands to Check Out If You're Shopping for Makeup Brushes

Apply your makeup flawlessly using these pro brushes.
Fact: Your makeup brushes are just as important as the products you apply on your face. After all, there’s no point in purchasing the best foundation shade with a second-skin finish if it’s going to be in messy, uneven streaks because of

These Are The 10 Best Makeup Brush Sets To Invest In Right Now

Gift yourself with these pro tools!
A set of makeup brushes is essential in every makeup routine. We usually take them for granted, but they’re actually some of the most important tools in every makeup collection! You can have the most expensive makeup in the world but without

10 Makeup Brush Sets That Are Worth Your Money

Why buy individual brushes when you can get more for the price of one?
If we had to choose between purchasing individual brushes versus brush sets for all our makeup needs, we would, hands down, always choose the latter. Why? Because a brush set actually comes out more affordable since you get more products for the

These Little Mermaid Makeup Brushes Are Every Disney Fan's Dream

Because a mermaid needs her tools!
We've recently been dazzled by the Harry Potter- and Mean Girls-inspired cosmetics, but with this new surprise from Spectrum Collections, we're feeling all giddy yet again. Hold on to your shells, because the United Kingdom-based brand is collaborating with none other than Disney for a

Review: Are Chanel Makeup Brushes Really Worth the Splurge?

See if you really need these in your life.
What: Chanel Les Pinceaux de Chanel brushesLes Pinceaux de Chanel is a set of 21 makeup brushes developed by the brand's global creative makeup and color director, Lucia Pica. Each brush was created to make product application easier for every woman, with

Decoding The Confusing Types Of Makeup Brushes

This cheat sheet will make all our makeup brush woes disappear.
With the number of makeup brushes available, it’s easy to get confused and just succumb to the tempting act of using our fingers to apply makeup. While there’s nothing wrong with doing that, makeup brushes are made for a reason as they

Mother's Day Gift Guide: For The Kikay Mom

Help your mom paint on a pretty face!
It’s never too late to invest on a good set of high quality brushes. Just the thing for makeup mavens and newbies alike, this travel set has everything a girl could need. From fluffy face brushes to precise eye tools, each brush