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We Asked 10 Makeup Artists to Reveal Their Favorite Blushes

Ever wonder what makeup MUAs wear themselves?
The tricky thing about makeup is that almost everything is good the first time you try it. You'll use something once or twice and then completely forget about it, which is unfortunate, but it happens more often than most of us would

How to Achieve a Natural, Barely-There Makeup Look

We've asked experts to break down the look!
We've all dreamed of nailing that no makeup-makeup look. But simple as it may look, turns out, it's not that easy to achieve. Striking that balance of enhancing one's features while also having it still look natural can prove itself to be

How to Wear Eyeliner, According to Celebrity Makeup Artists

Play up your eyes with these different looks!
An eyeliner can be one of the most important tools in your makeup arsenal. It has the power to frame your eyes and transform your look—from a subtle flick that aims to simply enhance your features, to a completely edgy and dramatic

How to Transition Your Makeup from Day to Night

Learn from international makeup artists!
Four international makeup artists take your holiday makeup game from day to night.Planning to paint the town post nine to five? Estée Lauder’s Bobby Wang gives you a fresh start for the day. Stay true to color with your foundation no matter

How to Make Your Foundation Look Like Skin

With tips from makeup artists!
Wearing foundation can be tricky. Although it's supposed to perfect your skin, you also have to wear it in a way that no one can tell you’re wearing any! A lot can go wrong, and that's the reason why so much thought

20 Makeup Artists You Can Book for Your Wedding

These MUAs will turn you into a glowing bride!
You only get one chance to look good on your wedding, so make it count! On top of finding the perfect bridal dress and reception venue, don't forget to book a talented makeup artist to help you get ready for your first

An Artist Weighs In On Why Makeup Is Important in Films

Here's why non-period makeup in a period film makes it bothersome.
I’d like to believe movies are created to tell stories and suspend reality.The closer you get to creating a world in those few minutes that fully entrap you in a different existence, the more effective you are.We enter the cinema, a glorified

6 Makeup Artists Create Junk Food-Inspired Looks

Slurpee- and KitKat-inspired makeup? Why not!
Feeling the munchies? These six makeup artists do, too. Sink your teeth into their junk food-inspired looks below!Ryan Wong for MAC CosmeticsIMAGE Dookie Ducay"[We like summer's] pop of color on luminous skin. Try MAC's Fluidline Liner in Deep Blue Sea (P1100, Power

How Much Does It Really Cost to Become a Makeup Artist?

Five MUAs talk about the expenses (and rewards) of pursuing makeup as a career.
If you're one of those girls whose first eyeshadow palette (think back to when you were five years old!) was made of pink plastic featuring cheap glitter gunk, this story's for you.  Now that you're all grown up and you never really