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The Most Expensive Private Island in the World Is in the Philippines

Can you guess where?
Turns out, we don't have to travel far to have the most luxurious experience of having an entire island to ourselves. That's because the world's most expensive private island is actually located in the Philippines—in Palawan, to be exact.Banwa Private Island in Roxas,

The Most Luxurious Resort Hotels in the Philippines

Give yourself the ultimate treat with a stay at these extraordinary destinations.
There's much to be said about the virtues of getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city. There's also much to be said about how you can't put a price tag on memories. Every now and then, you must splurge

10 Stylish Designer Hotel Rooms Fit for Every Fashion Girl

Match your designer ensemble with your hotel room.
If you are not into castle-hotels but still want that luxury accomodation fit for a fashion girl, maybe a designer hotel room will strike your fancy instead. In the same way that some girls prefer Chanel over Louis Vuitton, one's personal taste has