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Three Sun-kissed Highlighters To Enhance Your Summer Glow

Because an eternal summer can exist right on your cheeks.
With Vacation Week (a.k.a. Holy Week) over, you might have acquired a little bronze color goin’ on thanks to your newfound exposure to the outdoors (don’t pretend you haven’t been hunched in front of a computer screen since December!). To preserve the

The Beauty Recipe For J. Lo's Glow

Here are the two components for that covetable lit-from-within finish.
Last month, NARS Lead Makeup Stylist Janice Daoud clued me in on the secret to glowing gams a la Jennifer Lopez's. Her makeup artist, Scott Barnes, devised a luxurious beauty concoction made out of NARS’ South Beach Multiple and Crème de La

Get Glowing In An Instant

We've found a new pick-me-up: Yves Rocher packs a hefty botanical punch in this brightening elixir and is especially made for Asian skin.
I’ve had my share of skin woes, but ever since I started working, dullness has been a constant battle. Between getting less than eight glasses of water a day to weekly sleep deprivation, I’ve had to work a wee bit harder to