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How to Pose with Your Luggage, According to Janine Gutierrez

She makes it look so easy.
Janine Gutierrez is queen of many things—style and beauty included—but these days, we're beginning to notice that she's fast becoming travel pose peg royalty, too. If you're jetsetting anytime soon, here, five cool ways to pose with your luggage, courtesy of Janine

Travel Special: 11 Chic Luggages For Long Trips

Planning a longer out-of-town trip? No problem!
Packing for a long vacation can be the most stressful and overwhelming—thinking of all the outfits, the shoes, and the toiletries—but one thing we realized that having a cute yet practical luggage can help alleviate the stress and even get you excited

Take Off

Travel in style with our list of the most coveted travel gear.