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5 Mobile Apps Every Beauty Junkie Needs To Have

You can try real makeup products with these apps!
No doubt, Filipinas are obsessed with skin care and makeup. We always want to look our best, after all. And since we live in our phones, why not utilize them to support our passion for makeup and everything that will help us

Not Your Usual Surf Gear

We style 3 looks that will guarantee you a surfer chick status whether you actually know how to surf or not.
If your goal is to make Summer 2014 epic, then how about daring yourself to try new activities? Allow us to help you escape the noise, traffic, and the stress of the bustling city by finding ways to spice up your weekends

How To Wear: White On White

We teach you how to do white right in four chic ways.
Start your year (it’s still the first quarter!) with a clean slate by getting a fashion detox from all things colorful. If there’s a shade that’s soothing, palette-refreshing, and looks good on everyone, only one color comes to mind—white! Bring out your

3 Ways To Pull Off Maxi Dressing

We show you three looks you can try to cozy up in this breezy weather.
As you may have noticed by the multiple times we’ve mentioned it, the current weather situation makes it so fun to layer and dress up. So in that light, we focus on a micro trend—maxi dressing. Shop or pull out those maxi

The Accessory To Match Your Dress

Find out which jewelry makes the perfect pairing for your fave frock.
This year, one of our fashion vows is to wear more accessories. It may sound simple, but you must admit that most days, it's just such a no-brainer to go for those studs and your trusty watch that easily matches well with

Zodiac Style: Capricorn

We start the year with the 10th astrological sign of the zodiac.
Ladies born between Dec 22 and Jan 20 are mostly quiet but elegant. Capricorns are known to be introverts and the most serious-minded of all signs, but it doesn’t mean women born under the sun zodiac lack taste in the fashion department. They

Zodiac Style: Scorpio

The fiercely independent eighth sign of the zodiac takes center stage this month.
Did you know that the scorpion would rather kill itself than be killed? Fearless and wants to be in control, Scorpios know what they like and they like looking good. When a scorpio walks into a room, trust us, you will know.


We put together wearable pieces that you'll need to cop the four cover looks.
The Preview Girl knows what her style is but is always up to try something new and exciting. We take inspiration from the different styles of a Preview Girl—the Romantic, Glamazon, Androgynous, and the Avant Garde—and piece together looks that are on-trend but still classy.Which

Neutral Territory

The renewed color block trend gets styled in four ways.
It was Summer of 2011 when color blocking started stirring up a scene; fast forward to 2013 and it’s still making waves. Iin fashion, all trends eventually come back, but always with a vengeance―well, not really, but you get the picture. It

Preppy Pretty

We zoom in on Rose Byrne's preppy style from The Internship.
Heading to the cinemas this weekend? Be sure to catch The Internship (now showing in cinemas!), a comedy about two middle-aged salesmen whose careers have been torpedoed by the digital world. To prove that they still have IT, they make an unconventional move by talking

Personal Stylist: Oscar-nominated Films

We create looks inspired by six films nominated for Best Picture.
To satiate our red-carpet fever, we've created six Oscar winner-inspired looks for some spotlight-stealing of your own:ARGOThe film directed by Ben Affleck was set in 1979. The women featured in the film wore pieces that are corporate, we picked the same items

Personal Stylist: Music Festival

We put together five cool outfits that suit those upcoming music festivals.
One of the many things that gets us excited for the new year is the new crop of upcoming music festivals. We watch out for Coachella, Glastonbury, and Laneway, and now we even have a few lined up to be set in Manila! The

Personal Stylist: The Sequined Skirt

We show you how to wear your sequined skirt four ways!
Sequins are here to stay, even after the holidays, and we are loving it! Right now, we're obsessed with the crop off sequined skirts we've been spotting around the metro.We put together four looks, to suit your different style personalities! For example,