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7 Fresh Hairstyles That Can Make You Look Younger

Want to look forever young?
Our hair is called our crowning glory for a reason. It has the ability to give your face a youthful illusion by either hiding undesired features or accentuating them. In fact, you can appear years younger just by chopping off an inch

10 Subtle Hair Colors That Can Make You Look Younger

Freshen up your locks (and your look) with a brand new color!
You read that right—your hair color has the capacity to take years off your aura if you pick the right one. There's no need to stray far from your natural color to do that either, and you know how much we love

The Best Colors to Wear to Look Younger, According to Celeb Stylists

You'll look refreshed and youthful by wearing these colors!
Colors play a huge part in dressing up. In fact, it's a factor that can alter someone's vibe and youthful appearance—yes, really! Of course, we don't want to look older than we actually are, whether subconciously or not, so it doesn't hurt

Sandara Park Reveals Her Beauty Secret to Looking Young

She shared a very important fashion tip, too!
At Sandara Park’s Meet & Greet as the frontliner of Penshoppe’s Spring-Summer 2016 campaign, Style Bible got a chance to catch up with the Asian superstar. Being a music and style icon with almost four million followers on Instagram, Sandara shares that

5 Ways to Instantly Look Younger

Grant yourself an instant facelift!
Products such as serums, moisturizers, and sunscreen can help you fight the signs of aging. Proven to shrink your wrinkles and shield your skin against damaging elements, these will help you naturally achieve that youthful glow you once had. Now, are you ready

The Magic Of Skin Brightening

Here's why aiming for brighter skin could be better than whitening.
Who doesn’t want bragging rights to having flawless skin? No one, because we’re pretty sure all types of ladies across all ages would want nothing more than perfect skin that requires no makeup or a dozen trips to the dermatologist to achieve.