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Here's Why Luxury Fashion Brand Logos All Look Similar

What's in a logo?
If you've recently done the rounds at your favorite boutiques then you may have noticed the sans serif makeover most luxury brands have undergone. Those who have chosen to do the extreme redesign include brands who have recently appointed new creative directors

Here's Why Lacoste Is Temporarily Ditching Its Iconic Crocodile Logo

Spoiler: It's for a good cause.
Now before you react, let's get this straight: Lacoste isn't getting rid of their iconic green crocodile forever. This logo change is completely temporary, and is being done for a good cause!At their latest fashion show in Paris, the French brand launched a

Here's How Luxury Brands Got Their Names and Logos

Guess how many logo changes the Loewe brand went through!
For the second leg of this series, we're zooming in on luxury fashion houses that dominate the runways today. Below, learn the meaning behind the iconic names and emblems that we know now. From Prada to Gucci to Loewe, we dug around

After 49 Years, Calvin Klein Changes Its Iconic Logo

And the fashion industry's in an uproar.
It's official: your fave emblem-emblazoned undies and sweatshirts are now considered vintage, because under new creative director Raf Simons, American fashion house Calvin Klein's iconic logo has been changed!This is the very first time since the label's inception in 1968—almost 50 years