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6 Local Brands Where You Can Shop for Your Independence Day OOTD

Embrace being proudly Pinoy in your most patriotic yet stylish outfit!
Independence day is right around the corner, and what better way to celebrate Filipino pride than with stylish yet patriotic dressing, right? If you’re tired of your traditional Filipinianas and you’re more than ready to let go of that one baro’t saya

These New York-Based Pinoys Are Putting the Spotlight on Filipino Brands

Get to know more about Sari-Sari General Store, an NYC-based collective that features proudly Pinoy brands.
Filipino brands, while promising and truly one-of-a-kind, often find it challenging to penetrate the international scene. The fashion world is already saturated with too many competing brands, so standing out is always harder than it seems. It is for the same reason

The Official List of Philippine Holidays for 2019 Is Out!

Time to book those flights!
Have you been dreaming of strutting your new pumps in the streets of Paris? Thinking of spending your hard-earned vacation leaves lounging around our country's best beaches? Well, feel free to start planning that trip as early as now—the Malacañang Palace just

This Local Clothing Line Makes Streetwear That Takes a Stand

Stay woke!
It’s crazy how most millennials out there are fighting the good fight and speaking out about the issues that concern society. Joining marches, discussions, and through expression in art are just a few of the ways the youth have been expressing their

This Local Brand Wants to Make Your Everyday Fashion Choices Easy

The clean and classic silhouettes make them easy to mix and match.
More and more local brands are making a mark in the fashion industry. With the right amount of drive, a sprinkle of passion, and the will to work hard, the dream is not impossible to reach.Jerald Sze is one of those dreamers.

These Artists Created Super Cute Philippine Souvenirs for Go Lokal

Funny, happy, and beautiful things that we love about the Philippines.
If you’re a big supporter of local, handmade goods, you’re probably already familiar with Common Room, a shop where makers and artists gather and share their handcrafted goods. This time, the lifestyle store has partnered with the Department of Trade and Industry's

8 Local Brands that Give Back to Our Communities

So you can shop without the guilt!
Shopping is undeniably part of the fun of gift-giving, so we at Preview are always looking for ways to make it even more enjoyable. And what’s better than supporting a local brand with a strong CSR? Here's list of a few we

10 Locally-Made Pieces for a Fashionable 2018

New Year local goodies heading your way!
The local scene is absolutely thriving with refreshing pieces that are chic, modern and charmingly home-grown. We round up the perfect picks to get you started—from a bikini that flaunts 2018’s color of the year, to a bag featuring a weave from

Anne Curtis Reveals Her All-Time Favorites

Including the best song she can belt out!
Anne Curtis has been there and done that. The actress has a long list of places traveled, restaurants dined in, and memorable fashion moments, and if anything, those only helped her figure out what she really likes best in life. Watch as

10 Local Makeup Brands You Should Totally Check Out

Shop their products online!
The Philippines is in no shortage of up-and-coming beauty brands. And as beauty junkies, you should know that supporting them doesn't only help homegrown brands grow. While doing so, you also get to fulfill your beauty wishlists without breaking the bank. It's

Anne Curtis Tries to Guess the Meaning of Popular K-Drama Words

Welcome to the K-drama fandom, Anne!
"Saranghae!" Anne Curtis says enthusiastically even before we started filming. "I don't think I've ever fan-girled this much before," she confesses.Hearing that, we were eager to know if she has already picked up the Hallyu language after falling deep into the K-drama

Watch Glaiza de Castro Audition for Famous Leading Men Roles

If you think girls can't do it, that's where you're wrong!
Glaiza de Castro is our favorite kontrabida. An excellent villain on-screen, her portrayal of strong "bad girls" has gained a lot of viewers admiring fiery females. But in this short audition reel, Preview challenges Glaiza to flex her acting skills even further

Here's Where You Can Get the New Louis Vuitton Eye-Trunk Phone Cases

They're adorable!
Good things come to those who wait—in this case, certain Manila-based fashion girls who've been drooling over the iPhone cases that French luxury label Louis Vuitton debuted on its Spring/Summer 2017 runway. Newsflash: they're now available in the country! IMAGE Louis VuittonIntroducing the Eye-Trunk,

Liz Uy's Letter to Her Younger Self Is the Most Inspiring Thing You'll Read Today

She talks about fashion, love, life, and career.
Life pre-Instagram, pre-online shopping. Life before likes and follows mattered. You’re probably wondering what I’m talking about, but you’ll understand soon enough. You’re in for a roller-coaster ride!Your first job interview will change your life. Don’t be late. Make sure you wear

How to Make T-Shirts Look Cool, According to Jess Connelly

The singer never compromises comfort for style.
"I like being comfortable," says Jess Connelly, whose daily style uniform involves a pair of sneakers, jeans, and a t-shirt. But Jess always finds a way to make it cool—or better yet, make it "her," be it through her dangerously lit cheeks,