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You'll Want to Shop These Minimalist, Waterproof Slip-Ons from This Local Brand

Local shoe brand Ducky offers fuss-free pairs in the cutest colors!
These days, white sneakers are widely considered a shoe-rack staple and we can see why—the versatile color goes with pretty much every outfit and the light-catching shade lets your kicks stand out against any plain outfit. The obsession with white sneakers—and the

7 Men's Shoe Brands to Check Out for the Stylish Gents

A gentleman never compromises quality.
Since the 1950s, Marikina has been known for having the best handcrafted and export-quality shoes. And thanks to the efforts of young entrepreneurs who have built brands that support the town's local artisans, Marikina's shoe industry remains alive today—dare we say it's thriving,

These Chic Sandals Look Like They're Made from Antique Furniture

You might see a similar pattern on your grandma's vintage home pieces.
We're just inches away from entering 2020 and you're probably already thinking about new ways to revamp your wardrobe and shoe rack for the New Year. A great way to start is by shopping more homegrown brands with unique pieces you won't

This Local Premium Leather Shoe Brand Is Surprisingly Affordable

Filipino-made Balthazar shoes boast topnotch quality at surprisingly low prices.
Leather shoes seem to be divided into two classes these days: top-quality leather shoes that are also quite expensive and affordable leather shoes that are easily damaged after a few months. Why can't there be something in between? That's exactly what Altina

15 Online Stores Where You Can Buy Locally Made Shoes

The local shoe industry is thriving and these stores are proof.
Our history and heritage are proof that Filipinos are creative people with a keen eye on craftsmanship, especially when it comes to shoemaking. But with the influx of imported footwear options made available on the market, our locally handcrafted pairs are struggling

Online Store of the Week: Leather & Feet

Proudly made by Marikina shoemakers!
Design is the first thing that draws us in when shopping for shoes. However, before actually making the purchase, there are two other important things we consider: quality and comfort. Thankfully, Leather & Feet hits all three birds with one stone. It

7 Reasons Why We Love Local Shoe Brands

Because what's not to love?
Look at your shoe closet and ask yourself this: how many pairs were from a local brand? If you don’t have at least one, then this article is for you. Ladies and gentlemen, if only you open your eyes to what our