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How to Wear Dark Lipstick If You're a Makeup Beginner

Here's a newbie makeup guide for you!
We're aware that it's tricky to pull off dark lipstick. A strong lip may seem overwhelming or over the top, particularly when you're so used to MLBB colors. So, we're here to change your mind about it. Trust us when we say that

5 Ways to Wear Red Lipstick, According to Janella Salvador

She's our favorite lady in red (lipstick).
We know what you’re thinking: A red lip could be quite daunting, especially if you’re not used to sporting bold colors. But if there’s one celebrity who can make a fiery pout look so easy to pull off, it’s Janella Salvador. The

How to Do a Natural Makeup Look with Maine Mendoza's Lipstick

Makeup artist RB Chanco demonstrates how it's done!
Maine Mendoza's custom MAC Cosmetics lipstick named @mainedcm is said to be an ultra wearable shade of nude that's suitable for all skin tones. But exactly how versatile is Maine's lippe? In the video below, celebrity makeup artist RB Chanco proves that

Patrick Starrr’s Trick to Create the Perfect Pout is a Must-Try

Plus every lip shade he used for the cover shoot!
It’s a little known fact in social media that our May 2018 cover star Patrick Starrr is quite deft with his makeup tools. As we watched him switch lip colors four times at the shoot, we couldn’t helped but be entranced by

This Blue Lipgloss Will Change Your Lipstick Game

We cooled our lip color down—here are the before and afters!
Filipinas LOVE lipstick. But sometimes, the lipsticks we love don't feel the same—we step out of the house and the color's all wrong, we look in the mirror midday and it suddenly makes our skintone look ashy, or it suddenly looks garish

How to Naturally Enhance Your Lip Shape Without Surgery

You can have six different looks with one product!
Truth be told, lip liner is an underrated product. It needs more love, not just because it makes applying lipstick so much easier, but also because it can do some serious makeup magic with minimal effort. It can basically change your lip

LOTD: Here's How Dua Lipa Makes Her Lips Look More Plump

It's a classic.
Dua Lipa may have been blessed with naturally full lips, but the English hitmaker isn't lazy when it comes to lip plumping. She primps her puckers up with a simple technique, and it yields flaunt-worthy results.In an interview with Glamour, the singer mentions

LOTD: How to Tone Down Bold Lipstick for Everyday Wear

Not into the intense lip look? Try this.
With the right application, no lipstick shade on earth could look too intense. You can tone down any hue even if it's as dark as plum or bright as orange to the point where you'd absolutely wear it every day. According to

The One Product That Will Make Applying Lipstick So Much Easier

Make your pout last all day!
Back in the '90s, everyone's definition of a nude lip probably came in a shade of brown. Both the grunge girls and supermodels were obsessed with the earthy shade, including Jennifer Aniston who always wore a brick hue in Friends. Full, perfectly-lined lips were a

LOTD: How to Apply Your Lipstick Like Kathryn Bernardo

It goes perfectly with her no-makeup looks!
Usually seen in little foundation and a nude lip, Kathryn Bernardo doesn't just have an affinity for no-makeup looks. She has her own way of applying lipstick, too, and we rarely see her without it.Instead of lining her pout perfectly with lip

LOTD: How to Wear a Dark Lip Like a Supermodel

It's actually super easy.
Wearing a dark lip can be quite time consuming. You have to sculpt your lips to perfection (unless you're going for a gradient) and conceal all the mistakes. Chances are you wouldn't even notice that you've already spent 10 minutes on your

5 Lip Color Combinations You Can Create Using Red Lipstick

Formulas for that killer kiss.
It happens. You waltz away from the makeup counter feeling like you've scored the best lipstick ever—only to come home, swipe it on again, and realize with belated horror that it looks awful. Maybe fuchsia just doesn't flatter you after all, or

7 Eye Makeup Hacks for the Eyeshadow Hater

No more complicated eye looks!
There's a good reason why eyeshadow isn't usually found in makeup starter kits. It takes a while to master the art of proper blending and color combinations, and it's generally intimidating for a beginner and time-consuming for the lazy makeup user. But

Emporio Armani Has a Quick Makeup Tip for the Lazy Beauty Girl

It’ll help you get ready in less than 5 minutes!
Emporio Armani just won the award for the easiest runway makeup look ever. They used only two products to prep their models for their Paris show and showed off a look that even a makeup noob can do in less than five

3 Ways to Make Your Tinted Lip Balm Last Longer

Avoid flaking lip color and smearing with these tips.
If you're not a fan of the laminated feel of matte lacquers (to each her own beauty preference, right?) and would rather stick to lip balms, why not go for moisturizing lip stains instead? Revlon's Matte Balm and Balm Stains are the

Your Cheat Sheet for the Perfect Lipstick Application

Follow these tips and tricks to create the perfect pout.
There's no doubt that swiping a good ol' lippie can easily boost any girl's confidence. Plus, a good lip color can up the ante of your beauty looks in a snap, too! While playing with different lip colors is fun, a perfect

The 5 Lipstick Hacks You Need in Your Life

‘Til the lip sticks.
Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy lipstick. We don’t know about you, but to us, that already comes pretty close. One should never underestimate the power of a good lippie. Whether it’s a bold matte, a pastel satin, or a