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5 Flattering Everyday Lipsticks for Morenas, According to Laureen Uy

These tried and tested colors deserve a spot in your makeup kit.
Finding a flattering lip color can be tricky for everyone, but if you're a tan-skinned beauty, a peek into Laureen Uy's makeup collection could simplify your search. The blogger shared her favorite products to use on her morena skin via her YouTube

15 Best Lipsticks That Complement Morena Skin

Flaunt that natural glow, girl.
Whether you’re just starting your makeup kit or you’re someone addicted to makeup, lipsticks are easily at the top of your list! Lipsticks are a guilty pleasure since they're the easiest to shop for, but for people with beautifully tanned skin, some

10 Instagram-Friendly Ways to Wear Nude Lipstick

Pout those lips.
We always say that a girl can never have too many lipsticks, but let's be real—most of us do own more than we actually wear...with the exception of nude lippies, a.k.a. the most versatile of them all. Like your LBDs, a flattering

This Blue Lipgloss Will Change Your Lipstick Game

We cooled our lip color down—here are the before and afters!
Filipinas LOVE lipstick. But sometimes, the lipsticks we love don't feel the same—we step out of the house and the color's all wrong, we look in the mirror midday and it suddenly makes our skintone look ashy, or it suddenly looks garish

This Local Brand Now Offers Nude Lip Crayons for Under P300

And we swatched them all just for you!
With the beauty craze in full swing worldwide, it's no surprise that more fashion brands have begun dipping their toes into the territory of makeup and skincare. Even those that have been carrying beauty products for years now feel the need to

LOTD: A Morena's Guide to Finding the Perfect Red Lipstick

Shop for your new favorite lippie!
The challenge of finding the perfect nude lipstick is nothing compared to the search for the perfect red. Since this hue tends to be bolder and more in-your-face, it's tougher to camouflage an imperfect match. But don't worry, finding a flattering red

These Matte Lipsticks Are Perfect for Warm-Toned Skin

One for your every mood!
The Filipina struggle when it comes to finding the perfect lipstick is real. Especially with nude shades, it's a challenge to find colors that aren't too pale, too pink, or even too white to flatter our warm-toned skin. But that problem might

The Most Photogenic Lipsticks for Every Skin Tone

They're red carpet-approved!
While it would be so much easier to go shopping if we all looked alike, that would be pretty boring. So when shopping for lipstick, always take note of your skin tone to find what suits you best.Here, we reveal five lipsticks

These Lipsticks Will Give You a Gradient Lip In One Swipe

Here's how they'll look on a Filipina.
The gradient lip wasn't always associated with K-beauty. It gave fuller-looking lips by using a darker lip liner under a lighter lipstick. The result? A natural ombré effect that gives poutier puckers. No overlining required!And to revive this OG makeup technique, Benefit Cosmetics launched