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Midweek Celebrity #selfie: Pretty Puckers

Pucker up, ladies. We have a hangover from National Lipstick Day!
Have you heard? Yesterday was National Lipstick Day! We scoured the Instagram accounts of your favorite celebs for this week’s top selfies and lip color inspirations. Let Kim Chiu, Heart Evangelista, Sarah Geronimo and more teach you a thing or two about

Fun Lipstick Names: Pink

Wit is the new name of the beauty game.
These days the battle between cosmetic brands is no longer just about quality or packaging, because as proven, wit and charm are also big game changers. How can a girl resist a sweetly-hued pink lippie with an equally alluring name like I

Tricia Gosingtian's Lipstick Love

The photographer-turned-blogger reveals the 5 lippies she uses most frequently.
As her blog title suggests, Tricia Will Go Places, Tricia Gosingtian (Style Bible Virtual Style Awards Wardrobe Blogger of 2013) has indeed gone a long way in the recent years. With millions of followers to boot and a published book under her

Kim Jones' Favorite Mac Lippies

Our March cover girl dishes out her top 5 picks from MAC Cosmetics.
With a face like Kim’s, all she really needs is a swipe of lipstick to look better than perfect. We asked the soon-to-be Mrs. Jericho Rosales which hues she prefers on her pout, and it’s no surprise she picked an array of

Camille Co's Lipstick List

Blessed with alabaster skin, all this fashionista needs to glam up is a swipe of lipstick.
It seems like lipstick is the ultimate hero in almost every girl’s beauty arsenal. In the case of blogger, Camille Co, this rings true and we have no objections. Blessed with alabaster skin, all the fashionista really needs to glam up is

Kathryn Bernardo's Fave Lippies

The reigning Teen Queen lets us in on her top lipsticks and why she loves them.
Between late-night tapings and pressing TV appearances, the tube’s primetime princess, Kathryn Bernardo, manages to look fresh and pretty at all times. Though her chosen showbiz career necessitates her to wear makeup day in and day out, it’s her approach to vanity

Lipstick Special: Top 10 Red

We list down the top 10 of the Preview girl's weapon of choice: the red lipstick.
As a special treat for you guys, we’ve unofficially deemed this week as Lipstick Week! Today we’re sticking to the classics, a crash course on the most covetable red lipsticks on the market.  Everyone knows the power of makeup, but the power

Personal Stylist: Cool Combos

We put the spotlight on five hot sunnies and lippies that are made for each other.
When talking about summer’s dynamic pairings, sunglasses and fun lip color are at the top of our list. With the sun out, thick makeup is also out; whether you’re protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays, too lazy to put on makeup,