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How to Wear Dark Lipstick If You're a Makeup Beginner

Here's a newbie makeup guide for you!
We're aware that it's tricky to pull off dark lipstick. A strong lip may seem overwhelming or over the top, particularly when you're so used to MLBB colors. So, we're here to change your mind about it. Trust us when we say that

Your Ultimate Guide to Wearing Lipstick

Apply it like a pro!
Having the childhood memory of watching your mom apply lipstick in the mirror is not only nostalgic. It's likely to have influenced your interest in makeup as well, because let's be honest—most of us have stolen a tube of lipstick from our mom's

This Is Nadine Lustre's Secret to Fuller-Looking Lips

The power of makeup!
Browsing Nadine Lustre's Instagram will have you naturally noticing her favorite things: the beach, all-glitter-everything, and her IRL beau James Reid. But if you look closer at her selfies, (as someone as obsessed with her beauty looks would) you might just discover

How to Naturally Enhance Your Lip Shape Without Surgery

You can have six different looks with one product!
Truth be told, lip liner is an underrated product. It needs more love, not just because it makes applying lipstick so much easier, but also because it can do some serious makeup magic with minimal effort. It can basically change your lip

The One Product That Will Make Applying Lipstick So Much Easier

Make your pout last all day!
Back in the '90s, everyone's definition of a nude lip probably came in a shade of brown. Both the grunge girls and supermodels were obsessed with the earthy shade, including Jennifer Aniston who always wore a brick hue in Friends. Full, perfectly-lined lips were a

These Lipsticks Will Give You a Gradient Lip In One Swipe

Here's how they'll look on a Filipina.
The gradient lip wasn't always associated with K-beauty. It gave fuller-looking lips by using a darker lip liner under a lighter lipstick. The result? A natural ombré effect that gives poutier puckers. No overlining required!And to revive this OG makeup technique, Benefit Cosmetics launched

This Beauty Click Pen Will Replace Four Products in Your Kikay Kit

Just take all our money!
Here at Preview, we are all about products that are efficient and if possible, multitasking as well. So when we heard about Clarins' latest innovation, we were squealing in our seats.Introducing Clarins 4-Color All-in-One Pen. Perhaps it's the adult version of the

Here's The Real Deal On Lip Liners

It's time to put an end to those lip liner faux pas you're guilty of committing.
One of the more commonly bypassed beauty products would have to be the lip liner. Admit it, not a lot of you guys even give this pencil a second glance at beauty counters. The lip gloss at least gets haters, but the