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I Own Over 20 Lip Balms But These Are the 10 I Always Use

Suffering from severely dry and chapped lips? Shop these!
If you ask me what the most important item in my makeup kit is, I’d say lip balm almost instantly. I’ve suffered from dry and chapped lips since I was a teenager, and it has become somewhat of a crutch if not

Yes, You Need a Lip Care Routine If You Wear Tints and Lipsticks

If you always suffer from chapped lips, try these tips!
Lips, my friends, are also made up of skin, therefore, it needs a proper skincare routine, too! I know this seems extra, but hear me out. When you wear lip tints, matte lippies, and liquid lipsticks, your lips tend to dry out

10 Best Lip Masks to Try for Softer, Smoother Lips Overnight

When your usual lip balm just isn't doing the trick.
Before your wrap up your skincare routine at night, don't forget to give your lips some love, too. While a lip balm would usually cut it, we recommend amping it up with a lip mask instead. Why? Aside from being extra nourishing,

These Might Be the Reasons Why You Have Chapped Lips

Here's what you can do to make your pout soft and kissable again!
While it's crucial that we pay attention to taking care of our skin on our face and body, we should be giving equal TLC to our lips, too. And though some may think that having chapped lips isn't too common because of

How to Make Your Own Lip Scrubs at Home

DIY your way to having an extra kissable pout!
Exfoliating your lips is a necessary step, whether your purpose is for smoother application of matte lipsticks or to make your lips chap-free and naturally plump. And while there are many ready-made lip scrubs available from different cosmetic brands in the market,

12 Best Lip Tints to Shop If You Don't Like Lipsticks

Because we just can’t help falling for these long-lasting tints!
Ask anyone, and we bet you our bottom dollar that they've got a handy and trusty lip tint in their vanity kits. And honestly, it's not to difficult to see why lip tints have become a mainstay in makeup purses. For one,

10 Fruity Lip Balms for a Moisturized and Kissable-Looking Pout

Yummy flavors? Yes, please!
Putting on lip balm is instantly more fun if it's accompanied by your favorite scent, especially if it's something you love snacking on—like fruits, for example. After all, it will be on your lips all day! Below, we list some scrumptious-smelling balms

15 Best Lip Balms to Moisturize Dry and Chapped Lips

It's a true beauty must-have!
No one is safe from dry and chapped lips, which makes lip balms a true beauty essential. Getting rid of that uncomfortable feeling brought about by a dehydrated pucker is one of the most satisfying things ever, to the point where we can't imagine

7 Multi-Purpose Lip Balms You Need in Your Life

Multi-purpose products are life.
Always keeping a lip balm within reach is one beauty commandment we have no plans on breaking. No one should suffer from dry, chapped lips any time of day—no, thank you. That said, storing that moisturizing tube (or tin) in all our

5 Products You Need to Achieve Plump, Baby-Smooth Lips

Step up your lip care game, stat!
Growing up, you probably thought that owning one tube of lip balm has your entire lip care game sorted. While that isn't entirely wrong, you should know that hydration isn't the only issue here. Remember when all of us only had three

Here's How Korean Girls Never Get Chapped Lips

Take care of your pout, K-beauty style!
Having chapped lips is a common beauty problem that a lot of girls face, especially in a tropical country like ours. So when we found out that there is such a thing as a Korean lip care routine, we just had to

10 Moisturizing Lip Balms That'll Save Dry and Chapped Lips

Kiss away the desert on your lips!
Having a desert on your pucker is a small nightmare that none of us want to go through. As a quick fix and preventive measure, start and end your day with a layer of lip balm. You'll save yourself from patchy lipstick

10 Easy Ways to Heal and Prevent Chapped Lips

Dry puckers are a no-no!
We won't nag you about the importance of taking care of your lips anymore, because that much you probably already know. Instead, we're giving you a list of ways to keep them in tip top shape with minimal effort. 1. Drink water.This is

#tiptuesday: Wineproof Puckers

Locked and loaded pouts even after a round of drinks
If you haven't grabbed a copy yet of Preview's March issue with Kim Jones on the cover, let me just run you through the magazine's transformation: clean and hip typography, streamlined layouts, and levelled up, curated content. Of course, I wouldn't forget

Perfect Your Pout

Make your lips irresistibly kissable.
Valentine's Day is just a few days away, and we know that your lips should be ready more than ever. Soft, kissable lips, whether you're happily single girl or coupled up, is a must. Setting aside the smooch benefits of cushy kissers,

Best Of Beauty 2013: Lips

We're serving up lip products that made our puckers the talk of the town in 2013.
Lip products hold a special place in our hearts because of their superpower abilities: a bold swipe of audacious, vixen red lipstick can cheat you into having an all-dolled-up face in under a minute; lip balms and lip conditioners, apart from hydrating

Meet Your Lip Balm Match

We match the best lip balms based on your personality and needs.
Acquiring pretty, soft, kissable lips all boil down to your puckers being free of flakes and richly pumped up with moisture. Ladies who are fond of wearing lipsticks  are extremely aware that dry lips combined with a bright lip color results to

Pretty Puckers

It's time to give that pout some TLC with our traffic-stopping hues and fool-proof care tips.
The lips can easily be a woman's asset. She uses it to express her feelings whether verbal or non-verbal. When she speaks, everyone listens—women have the mastered the art of detailed storytelling. She uses her lips to get the message across even