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8 Inspiring Talks on Fashion That Will Refine Your Lifestyle

Learn from the study of style.
If you’re inclined to feast your eyes on a style inspo source (ex. a lovingly assembled Pinterest board, or Shaira Luna’s YouTube channel) you may be interested in checking out these TED Talks that go deep into the styleverse! Going beyond the

Vigan City Is One of the "Most Picturesque Towns in Asia," Says CNN

Its preserved beauty is an absolute must-see.
There's no question: The Philippines boasts of many breathless landmarks recognized for their beauty all over the globe. Where Siargao was recently hailed as one of the best islands in the world, another local destination was just afforded a similar title this

You Can Now Travel to Baguio in Just 5 Hours Thanks to the New P2P Bus

It's the most convenient way to commute going to Baguio!
Since its launch in 2016, the Premium Point-to-Point Bus Service has given a bit of comfort to commuters in the metro. Travel time is (relatively) shorter since buses depart on a fixed schedule and go directly from the terminal to the drop-off

This Store Has All the Basics for Starting an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

We talk to's founder Trice Nagusara about her brand and how to switch to a zero-waste lifestyle.
You can talk about it all you want but truly converting to a zero-waste lifestyle isn't an easy feat. It's an entire overhaul of habits and home items to break and shelve. Add on how expensive the eco-friendly alternatives are in the

K-Pop Girl Group TWICE Will Be at the MOA Arena This Saturday

Here are all the events to look forward to this week!
Spice up your life and check out all the exciting events you can attend around the metro this week!Onces, are you ready? Dance the night away this Saturday as K-pop girl group TWICE lights up your night at the SM Mall of Asia

Here Are Our Top 10 Favorite Stores from Manila Fame 2019

From fashion to furniture.
An event backed by Filipino craftsmanship and ingenuity, Manila Fame 2019 just opened its doors yesterday to start off their much-awaited three-day showcase. Being the premiere sourcing destination for home, design, and lifestyle products, the ground floor of World Trade Center was

10 Beautiful Underrated Beaches in the Philippines

These beaches have remained under-the-radar up until now.
It's been proven that a beach vacation does wonders for your health. The only question is: Which beach should you sail off to next? The Philippines has thousands and thousands of islands, and yet many still flock to the same beaches: Boracay, El

3 Modern Ways To Detox Your Life This 2019

Super easy tips right here!
The new year is high time to hit refresh in our lives. This means letting go of negativity and clutter so we can embrace positive energy and have better living space. But if you find yourself stuck and don't know where to

This New Hotel in Cebu Has Half a Floor Exclusively Designed for Ladies

This could be your next travel destination.
If you're thinking about taking a trip to Cebu anytime soon, we suggest you treat yourself and spend your vacay in absolute bliss at the newly opened Bai Hotel. Currently the largest hotel outside of Manila with 668 rooms, the Bai is located between the cities

7 Ways to Hang Out with Yourself and Have a Legitimately Good Time

It’s okay to indulge in a little escapism sometimes.
We’ve all entertained the idea of getting away from it all and starting over, particularly when the days seem to drag endlessly on and everything gets to be a bit too much. It’s a tempting notion, sure, but never one to take

How the Zero-Waste Movement Became Cool

There are cool people who want to save the world. Let's join them.
In the not-so-distant past, there was a cartoon called Captain Planet (Google it, kids) that was about a superhero called upon by a bunch of teenagers wearing magic rings. Hokey, concept? Absolutely. But it was a progressive show even for its time.It

5 Breathtaking Heritage Houses You Have to Check Out

You won't be able to resist a second trip!
There's just something special about heritage homes that is guaranteed to pique one's interest. You don't even have to be a history buff to feel it! After all, you can't fully appreciate the present without looking back at the past.Be it old buildings,

12 Signs You're the "Sosyal" Friend in the Group

Your driver is literally everyone's best friend.
Your friends mean no harm when they tease you for being a Rich Kid of Instagram. Truth be told, they’ll love you just as much even if you were broke.1. You have a yaya who’s been there even before you were born, who has

A Fashion Girl's Guide to Preparing Baon

Whip up yummy lunch meals in a flash!
A few things are more important than nailing that perfect foodstagram shot—say, actually cooking a healthy meal for sustenance and nutrition! Take it from us, no one has the time to cook and wash the dishes. But with easy Yummy (pun intended)

Learn The ABCs of Hand Lettering

We found a new hobby!
Here's your trusty guide to starting a new hobby! Freelance designer, workshop instructor, creative entrepreneur, and letterer Abbey Sy teaches the basic techniques of hand lettering, from knowing the difference between serif, sans serif, script and decorative fonts to finding out how to

Street Party At Brixton!

Food trucks and bands for Heima's sixth birthday! Click the gallery to see who celebrated.
For its sixth year, quaint home and lifestyle shop Heima took it to the sidewalk with food trucks parked right outside the Kapitolyo store, as live acts SimilarObjects, Maya’s Anklet, Birdforms, The Strangeness, Ciudad, The Strange Creatures, Hana Acbd, and Ang bandang Shirley played

Trinquets: The New Sending-yourself-flowers

Here's a sweet treat delivered straight to your doorstep.
Remember when Cher from Clueless would randomly send herself flowers to try and convince her classmates that someone might be interested in her? Well, we've got the twenty-first century version. Why send yourself a bouquet of peonies that are bound to rot