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We Spent An Afternoon With These Louis Vuitton Exotic Skin Bags

Wanna see what a 2 million peso purse looks like?
It's not every afternoon you spend caressing a purse that's worth—deep breath—2 million bucks. Well, it's not every afternoon you're invited into Louis Vuitton's ambient cavern brimming with exotic-skin bags crafted in all the colors of the croc (and snake, and lizard)

16 Cool Ways to Wear a Leather Jacket

Exude that rock star energy!.
What once was considered an aviator jacket for the military back in the 1900s, and a bomber jacket in World War II, has since turned into a global closet staple that exudes a cool and charismatic aura from anyone who wears it.

This Is What Happens to the Leftover Leather at Hermès

It goes somewhere handy.
Even in the workshops of Hermès, where the processes of creation have been mastered for nearly two centuries, scraps are unavoidable. The sort-of cocoon from which a bag emerges and the slivers of leather that did not make it onto that perfectly

How to Wear Leather in Humid Weather

It can be done!
Leather jackets, skirts, pants, shorts and dresses are all very fashion-forward pieces to wear and to own. Whether you’re wearing faux or patent, the material’s distinct finish gives your look that much-needed edge. The only problem is how to pull off a

A Fashion Girl's Guide to Different Kinds of Leather

Know the different types of leather, where they come from, and how to care for them.
Leather has been long favored and utilized by man since the dawn of time.The process of tanning can be traced way back to around 7,000 to 3,300B.C., when inhabitants of modern-day Pakistan were known to produce waterskins, bags, armor, boots, and sandals. The strong material’s

How to Clean Your Leather Clothes

Keep them in top shape!
Bags, shoes, accessories—we've read countless tips on how to care for our favorite leather trinkets, but what about clothes? Imagine this: you're at a party, rocking that sexy leather mini dress like it's nobody's business. Then suddenly, someone accidentally knocks into you

Leather Weather

Work it even if it's real or faux.
We’ve been going on and on about how the December chill is enough reason for us to mix up our daily ensembles through sweaters, layering, and leather. And today, we want to zoom in on the latter.  Ladies, if you don’t travel

Leather Bag Care 101

Because your leather bag deserves some TLC, too.
Admit it, nothing compares to the smell of fine genuine leather. Sure, there are a lot of affordable stylish bags available in the market today; but if there's one thing that every woman must own in her lifetime, it's a genuine leather

Worth The Money: The Shem Tote

Luscious leather, locally made. What's not to love?
We have a penchant for good quality leather, especially when done well and priced just right. Enter the Shem tote, one of the many leather bags produced by Tannery Manila, a local company composed of a group of leather artisans that started

Store Of The Month: Suiteblanco

Head on over to this boutique for awesome cold-weather finds.
While you're still on a sale shopping mood, here's a store you should definitely pay a visit: Suiteblanco. The Spanish brand has always been on our radar since it's successful opening in SM Aura Premier last year because of one major reason:

Fabric Care 101

It's time to show your clothes some love.
 Don’t you just wish your closet was a timeless capsule that will leave your clothes looking and feeling new no matter how many times you’ve used them? Sigh, technology hasn’t reached that level yet. And unless you’re planning to invent such a

Straight Edge

We show you how to achieve that urban cool vibe with these sleek leather pieces.
Upon hearing the material leather, the first items you would probably think of would be a black jacket, bag, or shoe. True, a great leather jacket is a cornerstone in every city girl's closet, but with the options and innovative variety available