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10 Layered Haircuts That Look Gorgeous on Long Hair

Bored of your look? Layers might just be the answer.
Getting bored of your long hair and looking for a change? A layered hairstyle is the chicest choice if you can't commit to a drastic chop just yet. Next to making your tresses look longer and bouncier, layers are also very low-maintenance and easy

Look Long And Lean Just By Layering

Here's a quick way to get the extra height sans the stilettos.
Rain or shine, we always find ways to layer our clothes. Eric Dee of Sunnies Studios says it isn’t impossible, “all you need are the right fabrics.” But aside from keeping us warm and cozy and the obvious reason of doing it

A Girl's Guide To Layers Part 2

This time around, we show you how to deal with thick and curly hair.
Picking up from where we left off last week with tips in understanding the different types of layered cuts inspired by something we picked up from Lauren Conrad's The Beauty Department, we now go into detail with something that's more relatable to Pinays. While it’s

A Girl's Guide To Layers Part 1

Here's all you need to know when layering up your tresses.
[EDITED 10/17/2014 11:32PM]As much as we love to pile on the sweaters and jackets, weather conditions in our country often times limit us. However, one way we can sport layers without having much to worry about is by rocking them in our

Reasonable Layering

We show you five looks you can pull-off for the holiday weather!
Admit it, this season gets exciting not only because of the holiday fetes and gift giving but also because of the relativley cooler weather. Imagine, we can bust out our knitwear, our tights, coats, and blazers and be able to wear them

Steal Her Style: Rosanna Aranaz

Learn a trick or two on wearing denims from blogger/designer Rosanna Aranaz!
You might think that wearing denim is a real no-brainer but in this day and age, details and styling make all the difference. We zoned in on blogger (Little Miss Dress Up) and designer (Aranaz Ropas), Rosanna Aranaz to channel her eclectic