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5 Classy and Easy Ways to Layer If You're a Minimalist

Here are five stylish and fuss-free ways you can layer like a minimalist.
The minimalism mindset "less is more" is a creed that we'll all surely benefit from. But dressing in this manner doesn't mean you're limited to fewer stylish pieces. If anything, adapting the minimalist style stretches your creativity as you strive to stand

Mimiyuuuh Has a Cool Layering Trick You'd Want to Steal

This one's her particular favorite.
Mimiyuuuh, comedy-queen YouTube favorite and celebrated Preview cover girl, not-so-secretly nurses a level-1000 mastery of cute, clever layering. In fact, consider that an understatement—she's so good at it. While Mimi's definitely all about cool piling, this trick is clearly her particular favorite:

Heart Evangelista Demonstrates How to Layer Designer Bags

Yes, it's possible!
Layering is, no doubt, a styling skill that must be honed to perfection. Just think of the outfit repeating opportunities! We have some noted masters nearby: There's Claudia Barretto, whose penchant for leveling dainty gold necklaces is unmatched, and Mari Jasmine, who

These Local Celebs Will Show You How to Layer Clothes When Traveling

Make sure you're stylish and ready for your next vacay!
Fashion girls don't just plan their work leaves ahead of time—they meticulously plan their travel OOTDs, too! Now, if you're headed to a colder country, your tropical girl wardrobe may need a wee bit of adjusting. Gather style tips from your favorite local

10 Cool Layering Techniques for Your Next Trip Abroad

No to boredom!
Slip dress over t-shirt, camisole over turtleneck...seriously, is there not any other way to look chic in a layered outfit?! A girl can only stand the exact same fashion solution for so long. Here, 10 cool and inventive ways to pile things

16 Pinafore Dresses That We Can't Wait to Wear Now

For the big girls.
Hear that? Your go-to childhood look is screaming, "wear me again!" The pretty, preschool-age pinafore is getting a grownup girl renaissance care of the Spring/Summer 2017 runways and all the latest street style snaps, so what are you waiting for? Jump right

5 Layering Formulas That Don't Involve a Slip Dress

Let's shake things up a bit, shall we?
To no one's surprise, the relative ease in styling a slip dress has the whole world smitten. It has come to a point wherein our daily looks seem empty without it, so we decided it's time for a breather. Surely, we all

LOTD: Mari Jasmine Is Seriously the Queen of Layering

Bow down.
Time and time again, we scroll through Mari Jasmine's Instagram feed and sigh. How is she both so pretty and so achingly chic? Latest evidence: this tricky layered look she wore for a day out in New York.IMAGE INSTAGRAM/mari_jasmnLet's dissect the elements,

LOTD: Mikka Padua's Unexpected Layering Trick

You can start wearing your designer pieces daily with this one.
Before investing in a designer piece, you need to consider its versatility. A piece that you'll only wear once is not a worthy cause for your hard-earned cash. Our advice? Put your tetris skills to the test and think of all the

How to Layer Your Bottoms Like a Fashion Girl

Get the most out of your favorite separates!
The thought of wearing your trousers over another pair of pants may sound a tiny bit absurd, but we can guarantee that it's totally possible—and street style star-approved. Fashion is all about pushing boundaries, after all. Here, three ways to ace layering

3 Unexpected Ways to Wear a Mock Neck

It's the perfect transitional piece!
Mock necks are the tropical girl's best replacement for a stuffy turtleneck. You can wear the two with almost the same things, but they will give you an entirely different result each time. Keep reading for some unexpected layering ideas on how

3 Unexpected Ways to Layer in the Tropics

Bet you didn't think of these tricks!
Layering clothes is what we do to create new outfits from our existing pool of clothes. But when that cami top and shirt combo is already exhausted and layering on a cardigan is too boring, how else can we spruce up old

Liz Uy Gives Us a Lesson in Layering

Because it's possible in the tropics.
Though we all cringe at the thought of throwing on more than two articles of clothing, a true blue fashionphile can always find her way around the rules. Like a post office courier and his attitude against rain, sleet, or snow (or


A new way to stay fashionably cool.
This summer’s heat wave has complicated the morning routine by adding to the age-old dilemma of a ton of clothes but nothing to wear. With temperatures now reaching the intense 40s, outfit choices that don’t reduce you to a hot mess are

Church-friendly Outfits To Wear To Simbang Gabi

It's that time of the year again, ladies.
Chestnuts roasting on an open fire sounds so good, but here in the Philippines we have more than just that. The 16th of December only means one thing, Simbang Gabi. This, of course, means waking up at 3, 4, or 5am at

How To Look Hot When It's Cold

Here are four looks that will definitely heat up chilly December.
The cool breeze we get to experience every December (not to mention the super typhoon expected to hit us this weekend), is our cue to bring those heavy knitwear and hot leather out, to keep those skimpy pieces aside, and to start