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Here's Where You Can Get Your Laundry Done During the Quarantine

Dirty clothes piling up at home?
We recently rounded up a list of essential services still operating in Metro Manila malls while the enhanced community quarantine is in place. This includes groceries, banks, pharmacies, and food establishments that offer takeout and delivery. Another concern many of you might

Here's Why You Should Do Your Own Laundry

Laying laundry woes on the line.
Raise your hand if you have a proper clothesline at home. Let’s rule out cramped service areas, where the clothes hung never meet the wind and sky. I’m waxing nostalgic about an old-school clothesline, where sheets and party dresses and—gasp!—lingerie would traditionally

How to Understand Laundry Care Symbols

Decipher these symbols and know how to properly care for your clothes.
Part of being a fashion girl is knowing how to take care of your clothes. Mind you, it's not just about throwing them in the washer. You must also understand the specific care requirements for each item so you can maximize its

8 Easy Hacks to Make Your Stuff Look Cleaner and Smell Fresher

Easy tips and tricks to save you from the embarrassment of having dirty, smelly things.
They say, "cleanliness is next to godliness." Too bad dirt, grime, and the rigors of daily life always throw a monkey wrench in our efforts to become, uhm, godlike.As proof, we've compiled a list of eight such hacks that can keep your stuff

How Many Times Can You Wear Clothes In Between Washes?

Don't lose your sanity over sanitary issues.
Just as we take showers on a daily basis, we all wash our clothes to keep them smelling fresh and bacteria free. However, washing too many (or too little) also adds to the wear and tear of our favorite pieces. Having your