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Yup, You Can Achieve K-Pop Idol Lashes without Falsies—Here's How

Here's how they get that pretty doll-like effect!
Next to having a flawless base, the most important feature of K-pop idol makeup is definitely the eyes. And while eyeshadow, eyeliner, and glitter compose most of the look, it's their lashes that really take it to the next level. That's because

I Tried to Give Myself a Lash Lift at Home and Here's How It Went

Are DIY lash lift kits really worth the hype?
There are many beauty treatments out there that can help us achieve longer looking eyelashes. From serums to lash conditioners, mascaras to eyelash extensions, anything is possible! But as a college student, it can be tough to balance studies while looking fresh

Review: These Eyelash Extensions Feel Like My Own Lashes But Better

Wake up with dolled-up lashes that look and feel natural!
Full disclosure: Prior to this review, I wasn’t really a fan of eyelash extensions. I’ve only tried them once and that was years ago when they were still pretty new in the beauty scene, and quite frankly, I did not like them

This Is the Mascara Hack We Swear By for Naturally Longer Lashes

Look effortlessly wide awake.
What makes a perfect everyday mascara varies from person to person. But on a no-makeup kind of day, some of you might want a product that lengthens your lashes without looking like you have anything on them—a no-mascara mascara, if you will.

An Easy Mascara Hack for Longer, Fuller Lashes

You can use ANY mascara to achieve this look!
I never leave the house without wearing mascara. I feel like my look is incomplete without it. Personally, I find that it gives that added flare to my face and makes my eyes pop! Wearing mascara can instantly change the game and

This Beauty Hack Keeps Your Lashes Curled All Day Long

Now, you don't have to bring your eyelash curler everywhere you go.
It's no secret that curling your lashes can fake wide awake eyes effortlessly even though you might have gotten only three hours of sleep. But if your lashes are straight as a line, keeping your lashes curled all day can be a

LOTD: How to Achieve Long, Fluttery Lashes Like Jess Wilson

Selfies are a must with this look!
Long, fluttery lashes are key to a fun and flirty look, and Jess Wilson would agree. There's a reason we don't skip using a lash curler and mascara every morning! And for this It girl, this love affair with perky lashes can

Here's Our Secret Weapon to Faking Fuller Lashes

No falsies required.
Lash lovers, here’s something to watch out for. Benefit’s latest offering will change the way you do your lashes forever. Say hello to They’re Real Tinted Lash Primer.As the name suggests, it's meant to be worn under the ever-reliable They’re Real Mascara. Adding

Kendall Jenner Has A Little Black Secret

No, it's not another burn book video. But your eyes WILL pop.
How does Kendall Jenner make her eyes pop for a selfie?Every girl wants long, flirty lashes ala Betty Boop, Kendall Jenner included. It’s one quick and easy way to make your eyes pop without having to pile on shadow and liner.But what

6 Tips To Beautiful Eyes

Make your eyelashes look fuller with these mascara tricks.
I have been obsessed with long lashes ever since I met Betty Boop as a child. I don’t know why, but it’s the first thing I notice in a person. While other girls notice a guy’s smile, built, or I don’t know,

#tiptuesday: Thicker And Longer Lashes, Stat

Kim K lashes without lash extensions involved, we promise!
Luscious, flirty lashes just like Kim Kardashian's are one of the reasons why we always reach for mascaras. Our mascaras have been our ultimate companion in owning a fuller set of lashes, and there is absolutely an abundance of lash-enhancing wands everywhere

How To Put On False Lashes

Believe it or not, you can apply falsies on yourself like a pro.
Aside from loading up coats of mascara on your lashes, you can fake a fuller fringe by applying a pair of strip false eyelashes. You don't need a diploma from beauty school to fulfill your eye-opening dreams. With practice and this easy

Beth Ditto For Mac

The quirky singer releases a candy-coated collection for the makeup brand.
From polka-dotted blush to a cobalt blue mascara, American indie rock singer Beth Ditto's collection for Mac Cosmetics is all about "putting the spotlight on you." In a range of flouro pinks to earthy browns and eye-popping aqua, the 25-piece line urges

Lash Curling Basics

Shu Uemura's Omar Ermita on the five steps to achieving luscious lashes.
1. First, make sure your eyelash curler is dry and clean (you can use makeup remover or alcohol to remove residue). As with scissors, hold it in the hand you write with and open it out to a wide position.2. Move the