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Kryz Uy Reveals Her Best and Worst Beauty Investments

Watch this first before making any imprudent beauty decisions!
In her latest YouTube upload, blogger Kryz Uy sat down with her sister Jack and discussed the most noteworthy self-care treatments to invest in. Recalling the best and worst beauty decisions they've made as young adults 'til now, the sisters shared their personal

This Facial and Laser Combo Gave Me Brighter Skin

Get glowing!
What: Intensive Soft Mask Treatment, P2200; Ivory White Laser (Whole Face), P4000; both Clara International Skin and Body CentreThe Intensive Soft Mask Treatment is a relaxing facial that leaves you glowing with the help of a combination of two leave-on masks. The

Dr. Vicki Belo's Advice for Getting Rid of Scars on Your Legs

To laser or not to laser?
Whether you have sensitive skin or you just always end up randomly bumping into furniture (ouch), you've probably developed a few battle scars on your legs along the way. Thankfully, you don't have to carry them all throughout bikini season, because Dr.

How to Conceal a Bad Tattoo

Experts weigh in on your best options.
So you’re there. You’ve decided that you finally want to get inked only to realize a couple of months later that you had a lapse in judgement. How do you fix it? For the brave, there’s always the option of having another,

3 Laser Treatments You Should Try

Take it to your face!
Laser treatments are a gift from science. They can give you clear skin and can even help you shed the extra pounds. Here we break down three laser treatments every 20-something ought to invest in.For HairImagine never having to endure the pains

Wink Can Zap All Your Skin Woes Away

Yup, with a laser. How 21st century is that?
Before you freak out at the idea of a laser touching your face, hear me out. With Wink’s Revlite laser, they can zap pores, make pimples heal faster, lighten acne scars, reduce wrinkles, and smoothen skin texture. How’s that for well-rounded? Oh, and the