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10 Perfumes That Will Make You Smell Like Your Favorite Dessert

Craving chocolate, vanilla, or candy? These sweet-smelling scents will do the trick sans the sugar.
What do chocolate, vanilla, and candy have in common? We love them both in dessert and in perfume! The difference is, perfume won't disappear after a few bites, allowing us to savor the sweetness for a longer time. Going back for seconds is no

Lily Collins Says This Is the Perfume That Best Reminds Her of Paris

It takes her right back to when she filmed Emily in Paris!
Before her stint as the fashionable Emily in Emily in Paris, we've long been huge fans of American actress Lily Collins' effortless style. In fact, she's made countless appearances in our red carpet roundups, which basically goes to show that she's as

This OOTD of Suzy Bae Is Going Viral Because of Her "Perfect Shadow"

"If I can't be as beautiful as Bae Suzy, at least I have to be as beautiful as her shadow." LOL!
Suzy Bae needs no introduction. She is no doubt one of the most popular female celebrities in South Korea today. With a great eye for style and a must-cop skincare routine, the Vagabond star always manages to make headlines for her fashion-forward

Proud to Be of Age: Influencers Who Are Past Their 50s

These women are proof that true style knows no age.
In a world dominated by 20ish-year-olds like Gigi and Bella Hadid, it is safe to say that youth is valuable currency. But this rule is not absolute. Wittily dubbed as the “greynnaisance,” the more mature set is welcomed by the fashion industry

Lancome is Closing All Its Stores in the Philippines

Another one?!
After our hearts completely shattered at the news that Shu Uemura would be pulling out of the Philippines, Lancome has just announced that they are following suit.IMAGE LancomeBoth brands are under the L'Oreal Group, and though the company's financial report is positively

Lancôme's New Custom Foundation Is Out to Change Your Life

It's literally a match made in makeup heaven.
There's no doubt that finding the perfect foundation for your skin tone can be a total pain in the neck. Trial and error is tiring, after all—and how many bottles of makeup are gathering dust on your dresser, ignored for the sole

5 Innovative Products to Try From Lancome

If they weren't first, they'll make it better.
The beauty industry catapults itself into the present and the future with innovation, and a brand that surpasses expectations in this front is Lancôme. The French luxury brand has survived the test of time by fusing their classic take on French beauty

10 of the Best Cry-Proof Mascaras

Say goodbye to raccoon eyes!
Tired of your mascara running? Then you might want to try these:Maybelline, The Falsies, P499, WatsonsSince this drugstore gem came out, it’s become a staple in makeup artists’ kits. Very affordable and true to its name, it instantly makes you look like you

The 8 Most Popular Lipstick Shades of 2015

Can you guess which topped the list?
In its first ever Lipstick Colors of the Year Report, London’s Heathrow airport culled together the sales data from its beauty counters to decipher the favorite lipstick shades of women from all over the globe. Infographic via HeathrowAccording to the data gathered, women

Waterproof Makeup For The Beach

Stay pretty at a pool party with our no-budge picks.
When beach season beckons, some argue that makeup is no place for the sandy shores. Well, we say to hell with that because in a world where Instagram-powered vacations exist, every moment is an opportunity for a selfie. And, to be quite

Lupita Nyong'o For Lancome

Lupita Nyong'O for Lancome
Oscar winner and red carpet staple, Lupita Nyong’O, is now the new face of beauty brand, Lancome. "Both talented and committed, true to her African beauty, and showing a great curiosity and open-mindedness in her career choices, Lupita is by essence the

#fridayfavorite: A Mighty Bb Cream

A new beach beauty staple!
Since I was educated and aware of the sun’s (UVA) aging and (UVB) burning abilities, I’ve been diligent in keeping my skin guarded by applying sunscreen every day, especially on my face. I feel naked when I go out of the house

Our Makeup Obsessions

Get to know the star products in our makeup arsenals.
Here at the office, we girls get a wee bit obsessive. From the newest makeup collaborations, a stellar dry shampoo, to a lipstick that looks good on everyone (we’re looking at you, Pleasure Bomb from RiRi Hearts MAC), there are certain things

Back To Bases

Build the flawless finish you crave with a base that hits a home run.
A strong makeup look always starts with a clean canvas, and what better way to clean up a ruddy canvas than with a base that gives you clean and even color. In preparation for the flurry of holiday partying that’s about to

Magic Wands

Conjure up some flirty, fluttery lashes with a wave of these wands.
We’ll let you in on a little secret: all mascara formulas are pretty much the same. Containing a mix of pigment and wax, very little varies from one mascara formula to another. But the wand, on the other hand, is where the

Brigitte Bardot, La Legende

The Brigitte Bardot exhibition is now on Sofitel Philippine Plaza.
A prominent feminine figure during the '50s, French film actress Brigitte Bardot is back on our radar as Sofitel Phillippine Plaza launched an exclusive photo exhibit in her honor. Dubbed as BB Forever—Brigitte Bardot, le legende, the photo exhibit features never-before-seen snapshots

Alber Elbaz For Lancome

Lanvin's Alber Elbaz paints a picture for the iconic makeup collaboration.
The makeup gods might have heard us: One of the world's most renowned designers, Alber Elbaz, has teamed up with beauty brand giant Lancôme to produce a capsule makeup collection. The creative mind behind the fashion house Lanvin is famous for his

Advanced GÉnifique

Lancôme reinvents their most awarded age-reverser.
Get ready, ladies: Lancôme reinvents their breakthrough age-reversing serum into Advanced Génifique. Patrons of the original Génifique serum amazed by its effects on skin will get even more smitten with the revved up concoction, which is revamped into a new, more potent, and faster-working

Eunice's Favorite Things’s Managing Editor shows what’s in her survival kit for the season.
I’ve been having quite the love-hate relationship with Manila summers these past few years—beach getaways and sexy, balmy nights notwithstanding, the extreme weather has been a challenge for fair-skinned beauty girls like me. Near-40-degree temps are welcome when you’re laying out on