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The Real Reason Why Filipinos Are Obsessed With Everything Korean

Here’s a deep dive into the Hallyu wave that has captured the nation.
It’s a rarity now to visit your local grocery, open up your Netflix account, or even browse through Lazada and Shopee without coming across something “Korean.” Whether that’s a K-drama, a K-beauty product, or trending Korean food item, our daily lives have

Your Ultimate Guide to Korean Fashion Aesthetics

Here’s everything you need to know about nailing a Korean-inspired ‘fit.
There’s no denying Korean fashion has become a global phenomenon over the past few years. Blame it on the rise of K-dramas and K-pop (thanks to social media, streaming services, or that fangirl friend who can’t help but share her obsessions), but

13 Items You Need to Achieve a Korean-Inspired Wardrobe

Can you guess which items are on the list?
It's hard to resist the allure of casual Korean fashion. Part of its magic lies in the fact that it's subtle and non-gauche, yet so distinct and instantly recognizable at the same time. Its ubiquity likely comes from the fact that K-style