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1.7K Shares Features Filipino Shoe Designer Kermit Tesoro

Get to know the man behind the avant garde footwear.
When it comes to avant garde footwear, Kermit Tesoro's name is a hard one to miss. Dressing Lady Gaga back in 2011 pushed his career from local to international (he's been a fan of Stefani Germanotta long before she became Lady Gaga), and his out-of-this-world

Kermit Tesoro is All Tied Up with Roping

50 Shades of Grey just met its fashion match.
The last time we caught up with designer Kermit Tesoro, he was on full blast travel mode, Euro-hopping through 15 different stops. He went biking around Amsterdam, partied Oktoberfest-style in Germany, and even found time to pass by Gustav Klimt's tombstone in

5 Work Desk Inspirations

Give your workstation that much needed makeover.
Half the year has gone by and by now we’re sure your work station has accumulated enough clutter to hide its actual surface. Just in time for some mid-year general cleaning, we round up a few desks from our favourite creatives that

Style Bible 100: 25 of the Best Instagram Accounts to Follow Part 2

From #titasofmanila to #hipstersofmanila.
Here’s number 26-50 of our 100 Must-Follow Instagram accounts:Samantha Lee @givemesamThe director’s cut.Emman Montalvan @emmanmontalvanCalifornia girls, they’re undeniable.Nadine Lustre @nadzlustreActress by day, pro-grammer on the side.Vivien Ramsey @vivienramsayEnter her dyed world.M&L Bakery @mnlbakerySweets for your sweet, sugar for your honey.  Blue Carreon

Euro-Hopping with Shoe Designer Kermit Tesoro

If this doesn't inspire you to get your Schengen Visa, we don't know what will.
Paris was just one of more than 15 stops on shoe designer Kermit Tesoro's Euro trip.Oh to walk in Kermit Tesoro's shoes.When he’s not making his darkly fantastic footwear, he keeps busy doing crossfit, tending to Venus flytraps, or reading up on


And the winning Borta King is…
Two weeks ago, a photographer and a designer went head-to-head in our battle of the biceps. Both certified #fitspirations, BJ Pascual and Kermit Tesoro proved to be tough contenders for the Borta King category. And although we’re equally convinced of their sculpted


Who's your Borta King? might have already hailed fashion designer Rick Owens for having the best arms in the fashion biz, but here in Manila, we’re not simply giving away the title without a battle of the biceps. Going head-to-head in this week’s poll, we

Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2012: Premiere B

A resurgence of the Middle East designers, plus full-time femininity from Kermit Tesoro.
We knew we were in for something for this show. An extravaganza of splendor, sparkle, drama, and aplomb came from four designers based in the Middle East—Albert Andrada, Butz Fuentes, Bandoix Flores, and Ezra Santos—plus fashion design prodigy Kermit Tesoro. And sure

Style Report: Gaga Wears Kermit Tesoro

Lady Gaga enters Thailand in Kermit Tesoro.
Newsflash!Lady Gaga arrived at the Bangkok airport after her 2-day concert here clad in familiar-looking jeweled body armor. According to Divine Lee, during her brief touchdown on our shores, she met with Philippine designer Kermit Tesoro and he personally gave her the

Rocking The Runway

Twenty designers and four bands come together for a night of music and fashion revelry.
Rock 'n' roll and fashion have always made an enthralling, sexy pair, and Metrowear Rocks the Runway was all that and more, with four of Manila's big rock bands and twenty of the country's top designers serving up great performances on the

Gaga In Kermit X Leeroy! [updated]

Mother Monster wears their rubber suit on the cover art of her latest single!
Lady Gaga released the cover art for her newest single “Marry the Night” on Monday night in the U.S., October 17, that’s Tuesday morning for us here in the Philippines. As much as it was a treat for fans to see it

Kermit Tesoro On London's Runway

The Pinoy fashion ingenue works with French designer, Florian Jayet, for his London Fashion Week collection.
Those awe-inspiring heel-less platforms we first saw at Kermit Tesoro’s Holiday 2010 collection, have just walked the runways of London Fashion Week, no less! Kermit provided shoes for the Spring/Summer 2012 collection of French designer, Florian Jayet.Kermit showcased his shoe line of

Divine's Sash Session

A fashion emergency solved by Kermit's quick thinking and Divine's resource of a closet.
You wouldn't have guessed it if you saw how fabulously decked out she was during the Preview Best Dressed Ball, but Divine Lee actually had quite the fashion emergency the night before the big bash. Her Kermit Tesoro outfit didn't turn out

Kermit Goes Digital

You can now get a hold of Kermit Tesoro’s creations on the World Wide Web!
If there is a trend that’s prevailed from season to season and is still growing; it is going digital. More so, even the fashion industry has embraced the information superhighway, with online shopping, designers and retail brands putting up their own websites,

Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011: Premiere C

Anatomy, clothing surprise, and thought bubbles—some of the components that make up Premiere C.
The Premiere C segment of Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011 went off without a hitch on the very last day, with some expected showings and quite an awesome surprise to cap it off. Derick Hibaler, Jeffrey Rogador, Kermit Tesoro, Raoul Ramirez, and

Kermit In Gilt

The young designer’s creation made it to the campaign of Lady Gaga x Gilt.
A bit of exciting news got us all on our feet during the very hot weekend. And speaking of feet and all things hot now, Kermit Tesoro’s heel-less shoes were featured in Gilt, an international fashion sale website, and it came out

Kermit Tesoro For Zsazsa Zaturnnah

The maverick designer dresses the big-bosomed superheroine for his first foray into theater.
Like his dripping divas, sea urchin-esque strutters, or abaca-wielding glamazons, provocateur Kermit Tesoro's latest muses are of the uncommon extraterrestrial kind. Zsazsa Zaturnnah and Queen Femina, the comic heroine and villainess of Carlo Vergara's award-winning graphic novel, Ang Kagila-gilalas na Pakikipagsapalaran ni

Philippine Fashion Week Spring/summer 2011: Visions & Trends

Seven designers showcase seven different visions for spring/summer 2011.
There were visions, and there were trends, alright, in the Visions & Trends show of Philippine Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2011. As with the Design Fusion designers, the talents who participated in this lineup eschewed predictable summery maneuvers for more avant-garde and kitschy

Designer Spotlight: Kermit Tesoro

The radical young designer gives us not-so-simple basics for summer 2010.
To the uninspired, Kermit Tesoro's summer 2010 collection speaks only of a practical usage of the most basic color duet of black and gray applied to ultra-wearable silhouettes. But as the designer himself would tell us, “simple” and “basic” have different manifestations