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Did You Know? Charlie Dizon Almost Debuted as a K-Pop Idol

She got close to a member of MOMOLAND during her training days!
While we now know Charlie Dizon as a rising star in today's local entertainment scene, there was a time when she ventured into the dynamic world of K-Pop. Yup, it was only a couple of years ago when the Fan Girl leading

7 Female K-Pop Idols with Tattoos You Rarely See on TV

One of them has matching tattoos with someone in her group!
There's no denying that tattoos are one of the best options if you want to commemorate a special moment or even a special person in your life. They last for a lifetime, and can be unique to only you. That, and the

Did You Know? This Pinay Teen Star Is Now a K-pop Idol Trainee

She's under the same agency that handles K-pop girl group MOMOLAND.
As the years go by, the K-pop industry is continuously proving just how massive its potential is in the global scene. More and more people around the world are starting to pay attention to it, and the industry is not a stranger

Heart Evangelista and BLACKPINK's Jisoo Were Totally Twinning in Paris

They even carried the same iconic bag!
Heart Evangelista and BLACKPINK's Jisoo were twinning in their latest OOTDs and we're all for it!The stylish duo both channeled Cher Horowitz, the character portrayed by Alicia Silverstone in the 1995 blockbuster hit movie Clueless, during Dior's Autumn/Winter 2022 fashion show in Paris.As

ARMY, These BTS Drinkware Will Soon Be Available in the Philippines

We're definitely getting every single tumbler from the collection.
For hardcore K-pop fans, there's no such thing as having too much merchandise. If you can relate and you're part of the ARMY fandom, Gong Cha Philippines is finally bringing the Gong Cha x BTS drinkware collaboration to our shores.The drinkware collection

10 Easy and Fun Hair Colors to Try to Channel Your Inner K-Pop Idol

If you've been thinking of coloring your hair, this is your sign.
The temptation to dye our hair a bold color is a year-long affair. Aside from dressing up and putting on makeup, switching to a different shade is one fun way to express ourselves. K-pop fans know very well the overwhelming urge to

Yup, You Can Achieve K-Pop Idol Lashes without Falsies—Here's How

Here's how they get that pretty doll-like effect!
Next to having a flawless base, the most important feature of K-pop idol makeup is definitely the eyes. And while eyeshadow, eyeliner, and glitter compose most of the look, it's their lashes that really take it to the next level. That's because

All the Cool Details We Love About Sandara Park's First Condo

ICYDK, it's the 38-year-old K-pop star's first time living alone!
It was only in May of this year that our one and only "Krung-Krung" Sandara Park decided to depart from YG Entertainment after 17 long years. Six or so months later, the K-pop superstar made yet another big move towards personal independence.On episodes of

A New BTS Pop-Up Store Is Opening in Manila This December 25

Don't miss out, ARMY!
On December 16, SM Megamall posted a teasing photo on Facebook of a purple boardup sporting the BTS logo inside the Mandaluyong mall. Fans quickly guessed that another BTS pop-up would be coming soon—though the caption "guess what’s going to POP-UP next

10 Chic Casual OOTDs We're Copying from Jisoo of BLACKPINK

This girl group vocalist is also a leading lady now!
Don't think Jisoo is just the lead vocalist and visuals of BLACKPINK. The 26-year-old star has a whole lot more to boast, one of which is her acting gig alongside Jung Hae In in the upcoming drama titled Snowdrop (which, FYI, is streaming

16 Korean Celebrities Who've Vacationed in the Philippines

Some of them even went to the country as a "prize" for wrapping up their K-dramas.
Korean stars have demonstrated their love for the Philippines time and again. In fact, some of them even lived here for awhile! Of course, when they’re not in the country to study English or meet fans through official engagements, our favorite K-celebs

The Real Reason Why Filipinos Are Obsessed With Everything Korean

Here’s a deep dive into the Hallyu wave that has captured the nation.
It’s a rarity now to visit your local grocery, open up your Netflix account, or even browse through Lazada and Shopee without coming across something “Korean.” Whether that’s a K-drama, a K-beauty product, or trending Korean food item, our daily lives have