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10 Things You Need to Know About K-Drama Actor Ong Seong Wu

Get to know the leading man for the upcoming sequel of "Strong Woman Do Bong-soon."
If you’re looking for a new Korean heartthrob to obsess over, then you have to give Ong Seong Wu a chance. A singer, dancer, and actor, there’s nothing this triple threat can’t do. While he’s already made a name for himself in

The Top 50 Highest-Rating Korean Dramas of All Time

Can you guess which show took the top spot?
There's no deterring our love affair with all things K-drama. This time, we give you the lowdown on the highest rating Korean dramas of all time on cable TV. Think of it as an essential tried-and-tested listicle of shows any genuine K-fan should watch.Read up

Here's What We Know So Far About "Squid Game" Season 2

We might see Gong Yoo on the show again!
A few days ago, Netflix officially announced the second season of Squid Game!On their social media accounts, the streaming giant posted a teaser video and photo of the sequel featuring the creepy motion-sensing doll, Younghee.Along with the sneak peek, Squid Game creator

6 K-Dramas to Watch if You Love Lee Jae Wook

Did you know that he made a cameo in "True Beauty" as one of his past characters?
Lee Jae Wook is slowly coming to his own as one of Korea’s rising leading men. Following his first shot at the title as Sunwoo Joon in Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol, the actor wasted no time in booking yet

8 K-Dramas With Confirmed New Seasons to Look Forward To

Some will retain its cast members while others will have a new storyline!
A long, long time ago when K-dramas were still called Koreanovelas (and we had to watch them on local TV or rent CDs), a sequel for a series is very rare. After the last episode, we are either left with so many

10 K-Dramas to Watch if You Love Seo In Guk

Don't miss him in his newest Netflix drama "Cafe Minamdang".
K-drama leading man Seo In Guk is always a treat to watch on screen. With his breakthrough performances in Reply 1997 and Shopping King Louie, he’s proven that he’s not just a superstar with a golden voice, but a dynamic actor as

Here Are All the K-Dramas Airing This June 2022

Which one are you excited to watch?
The Korean adaptation of Money Heist is coming! Whether you've watched the OG Spanish series or not, the remake is definitely a K-drama to watch out for. Aside from the thrill of the chase courtesy of its plot, Money Heist: Korea -

6 K-Dramas That Will Transport You Straight to Jeju Island

Dreaming of visiting the vacation hotspot? Tune into these dramas for a glimpse of it!
When planning a trip to South Korea, one of the locales that immediately come to mind is Jeju Island. The volcanic archipelago is hundreds of nautical miles away from the hustle and bustle of Seoul, making it a prime destination for anyone

10 Things You Need to Know About K-Drama Leading Man Na In Woo

He once trained to be a K-pop idol!
Many eyes have been on Na In Woo since the success of tvN’s Mr. Queen and the webtoon adaptation of Her Bucket List. Now, fans are eagerly awaiting his return with Jinxed at First, helmed by Director Yoon Sang Ho, who also worked

Park Shin Hye Just Gave Birth to Her First Child With Choi Tae Joon

Her agency announced the wonderful news!
Korean power couple Park Shin Hye and Choi Tae Joon are officially parents! Shin Hye’s agency, SALT Entertainment, shared the good news to fans this afternoon, revealing that the actress gave birth to a healthy baby boy in a hospital “somewhere in Seoul.”It’s

10 Things You Need to Know About "Love All Play" Actress Park Ju Hyun

This fresh face previously won a Baeksang Arts Award for her Netflix drama Extracurricular.
It’s not surprising that after the delicate ending of tVN’s Twenty-Five Twenty-One, we’re looking for a new sports heroine to root for in rising star Park Ju Hyun. After a series of successful dramas, from the crime thrillers Extracurricular and Mouse, to her more

The Cast of "The Sound of Magic" and Where You've Seen Them Before

Including actors from hit shows like "Start-Up," "Vincenzo," and "All of Us Are Dead".
Once you click play and watch The Sound of Magic, your ordinary Saturday night will turn into a fanciful adventure as sorcery and symphonies collide. The show continuously plays with people’s perception of magic, fusing aspects of The Miracle on 34th Street,