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10 K-Dramas to Watch if You're a Fan of Yeo Jin Goo

He gracefully transitioned from a child actor to a fine leading man.
Korean actor Yeo Jin Goo has been in the business since he was eight years old. From portraying the younger versions of our favorite K-drama heroes to winning over our hearts as a clean-cut manager in Hotel del Luna, Jin Goo has

10 Things You Need to Know About K-Drama Actor Park Hae Soo

Meet the man behind Cho Sang-woo in "Squid Game" and Berlin in "Money Heist: Korea."
If you were one of the many people who tuned into Squid Game, then you most probably remember Cho Sang-woo, the indebted investment team head who took his chances at the do-or-die games. Behind the stoic yet conflicted character is Park Hae Soo,

10 Things You Need to Know About K-Drama Actor Ong Seong Wu

Get to know the leading man for the upcoming sequel of "Strong Woman Do Bong-soon."
If you’re looking for a new Korean heartthrob to obsess over, then you have to give Ong Seong Wu a chance. A singer, dancer, and actor, there’s nothing this triple threat can’t do. While he’s already made a name for himself in

7 K-Dramas to Watch If You're a Fan of Yoo In Soo

This "All of Us Are Dead" star is on the rise!
In our book, there can never be too many K-drama heartthrobs to swoon over. One newbie that's currently on our radar is Yoo In Soo, who's already become a familiar face in some of our favorite high school dramas. While we most probably recognize

10 Dainty Ways to Wear a Cardigan, As Seen on Korean Celebrities

These Korean stars are proof that cardigans are a must-have in any girl's closet!
The rainy season has arrived, so what better way to cozy it up than by wearing a cardigan? K-drama and K-pop fans often see this ubiquitous closet staple on their fave stars and idols, which isn't surprising given its versatility as a

9 K-Dramas to Watch if You Love Moon Ga Young

Did you know that she once played Kim Seon Ho's leading lady?
Obsessed with True Beauty? Well, you're not the only one. Since you’ve most probably fallen head over heels for lead star Moon Ga Young and her endearing character, Lim Ju-gyeong, we figured you must be on the hunt for more content from

10 Things You Need to Know About K-Drama Actress Jung So Min

The "Alchemy of Souls" actress has starred in several hit dramas before, including "Soul Mechanic" and "Because This Is My First Life."
Back when K-dramas were still referred to as Koreanovelas by Filipino audiences, Jung So Min was already a beloved leading lady. For over a decade now, she's explored the extremes of her acting skills, portraying everything from a ditzy schoolgirl to a

8 K-Dramas That Music Lovers Would Definitely Enjoy Watching

Tune into these if you dream of becoming a musician, too!
The Korean Wave owes its success to K-dramas and K-pop. So when you combine these two faves together, you get the ultimate pop culture staple: A memorable K-drama that revolves around music. This genre comes with a wide selection of interesting storylines—idol

The Cast of "Dr. Romantic" and What They're Up to Now

Updates coming through!
When it comes to medical dramas, our list is never complete without mentioning Dr. Romantic. The series revolves around a group of young doctors who work at a hospital located on the outskirts of the city. They are mentored by a top

10 Things You Need to Know About Korean Actor Yoo In Soo

Catch the "All of Us Are Dead" star on Netflix's "Alchemy of Souls"!
An action K-drama is never complete without the devilish antagonist. More often than not, they add so much excitement to a show that eventually us viewers grow to appreciate them just as much as we do the leads. We mean, would All of

Here's What We Know So Far About "Squid Game" Season 2

We might see Gong Yoo on the show again!
A few days ago, Netflix officially announced the second season of Squid Game!On their social media accounts, the streaming giant posted a teaser video and photo of the sequel featuring the creepy motion-sensing doll, Younghee.Along with the sneak peek, Squid Game creator