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5 Celebrity-Approved Gucci Items That Are Worth Investing In

The Italian fashion house has a star-studded following!
The decision to splurge on a designer item isn't one that's ever taken lightly. While these luxury goods come in eye-catching styles and high quality materials, the hefty pricetag tied to it makes stylistas think long and hard before buying signature.One label

Joyce Pring Admits She Feels Vulnerable Showing Her Face Without Makeup

The DJ and TV Personality gets candid as she removes her makeup!
"I feel so vulnerable right now," DJ and TV personality Joyce Pring candidly reveals in this episode of Barefaced Beauty. Just like most girls who love makeup, Joyce used to put on a very "plakado" face with full coverage foundation, concealer, pressed

Joyce Pring's Favorite Designer Items Include a P94,000 Backpack

The TV personality and DJ's picks are pretty unique and we're all for it.
When we asked TV personality, host, DJ and content creator Joyce Pring to be part of our Designer Favorites series, she humbly said she didn't own a lot of designer pieces in her closet. But despite the absence of certain million peso

You Have to See These Influencers’ Most Embarrassing Outfits Ever

They couldn’t help but cringe while reminiscing these moments, LOL!
We’ve all had our share of embarrassing fashion moments—you know those outfits that, upon looking back, seem to be the best examples of poor decisions. But you have to admit that no matter how hard you try to erase them from memory,

10 Celebrities Reveal the Exact Shoes They Wore to Their Wedding

You'll fall head over heels for them!
The bridal gown often takes centerstage at any wedding. But underneath that ivory-colored frock is another fashion item that deserves just as much attention: the shoes. Despite the fact that bridal shoes are often concealed beneath the gown, there’s no denying that

Joyce Pring Wore Leather Boots as Her Wedding Shoes and We Are Speechless

Seems like glamorous heels are a thing of the past.
As fashion girls, we're all for a little experimentation, even when it comes to bridal looks—and we're not just talking about the wedding dress. Bridal shoes have always been one of the top concerns for brides-to-be, and recently, we've seen that comfort

Joyce Pring and Juancho Trivino Are Engaged!

It was a beach proposal in Boracay!
Singer, DJ, and host Joyce Pring just got engaged to actor Juancho Trivino. To announce the big news, she posted a photo of her princess cut engagement ring on Instagram!"Been enjoying the privacy of our engagement for a while now... but finally decided to

8 Beauty Products Celebs Can't Live Without

Glaiza de Castro, heart Evangelista, Isabelle Daza and more.
We all have that one kikay kit staple which the thought of losing makes us go cray. Like, how can you possibly go on living life without your precious go-to under eye concealer that masks late nights of stress? We asked some

9 Celebs And The Beauty Products They Swear By

Upgrade your makeup bag with these celebrity-approved products.
Being celebrities, keeping their skin in immaculate condition is a must. From constantly having to pile layers of makeup to primping their locks, we can be assured that they are masters of the beauty game. And when it comes to products, they

5 Female Celebrities Who Are Race Car Drivers

Be warned: These girls are badass.
In a guy-dominated sport like car racing, finding a woman who can do it just as good (if not better) is rare. But it is also in these rare occasions where we find girls who deserve to be called badass. You’ve seen


All sexy.
It took one chori burger for me to break up with my commitment to a “perfect” beach bod.It was our first night in Boracay when a fellow Preview girl and I stared blankly at another girl as she was ordering a chori

Celebstagram: The Yummy Hair Candy Trend

Don't worry, ladies. These candies come carb-free!
When a celebrity goes from jet black hair to something a tad bit lighter, it’s really nothing new. But when a drastic change happens like Katy Perry going green (literally!) and Demi Lovato bleaching her locks purple, we get all giddy and suddenly

Stylesetter: Joyce Pring

Take cue from Joyce Pring on how to nail the boho trend.
We spotted the bubbly Joyce Pring during the Lenovo mobile launch and we just couldn’t keep ourselves from taking a snap or two of her boho-chic ensemble. Sporting Forever 21 from head-to-toe with a very Coachella-ish #OOTD, the singer/host proves there’s more to

Breaking Bad

We spill the tricks on how to get anti-pretty, rebel hair.
We’ve been brainwashed by society and ads dictating that beautiful hair should always be perfectly smooth, straight, and shiny. But nowadays, it’s a relief seeing models and celebrities embracing messy hair because let’s face it, it does take a village to having

Rainbow Hair

Would you ever consider dyeing your hair in popping rainbow shade?
Going blonde used to be a radical way to change your look. Now more local and international celebs have been spotted sporting rainbow-colored hair. Lauren Conrad has experimented with her colors by wearing teal and pink on the tips of her golden