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Now's the Best Time to Get Into Journaling, Here's How to Do It

No pressure, just a whole lot of fun and fulfillment.
Given the enhanced community quarantine, I guess you could say we’ve been pretty tethered, at least spatially. Millions of people are forced to stay home, prompting a boom of online instructional content on how to best spend our time. Yet, there exists,

Check Out These Pretty Planners for a More Productive 2019

Are you ready for a brand new year?
2019 is just around the corner, and if you're like us, you probably have a few things already scheduled for the new year. Make those plans more concrete by jotting them down in one of these pretty planners! Pick one that fits

5 Bullet Journal Sample Setups That Will Inspire You to Get Organized

If a planner isn't for you, try bullet journaling!
Though the idea of rapid logging is still bullet journaling's best quality, the system's knack for functionality and customization is what makes us love it even more. The idea of having your own setup that tracks your personal tasks, priorities, and goals

How to Start Journaling Like a Pro

Learn the basics!
Keeping a journal is a personal and unique experience. You don't have to be a world-class artist to do it well and to keep a good one, because it's all about the thoughts on the paper and your satisfaction as the author.

What's a Bullet Journal and Why You Need It in Your Life

We have everything you need to know to start one.
Year after year, dozens of online articles round up the best planners for every lifestyle imaginable. Although sometimes, pre-made journals—no matter how fancy—just don’t exactly serve your needs. This is where the Bullet Journal comes in.Developed by Brooklyn-based digital designer Ryder Carroll,

10 Pretty Planners To Choose From For 2015

Take your pick and plan a brand new year in style.
2014 has been colorful and action-packed, but a few days from now, we’re going to welcome a brand new year. While this means a clean slate for everyone, it also usually comes with a new set of goals and resolutions. Planning ahead