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Here’s More Proof That You Can Never Go Wrong with Classics

Jinggay Serag's timeless metallics will convince you.
Every cloud has a silver lining, and Jinggay Serag took the adage to heart in her take on metallic dressing. Entitled Speranza (Esperanza is the Spanish word for hope), the collection interspersed streamlined metallic pieces into soft silhouettes in black.The collection's body-hugging

This Vogue Italia Fashion Editorial Was Created by Filipinos

It looks stunning.
The recent reboot of major Vogue titles couldn't be any more timely. The changing tides of the politics of fashion is definitely in dire need of something new, with inclusivity and global reach at its heart. Vogue Italia's Sara Maino, known for

Manila Fashion Fest - The Next: Jinggay Serag's Aurelia

See the full collection right here!
Fashion often imitates art in all its forms—encyclopediac illustrations most definitely included. Taking inspiration from German marine biologist Ernst Haeckel's colorful Discomedusae Aurelia (google that!), Jinggay Serag's debut collection with Manila Fashion Festival features painstakingly pleated details created out of the designer's