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What to Do in New Zealand, According to the It Girls

We suddenly want to go camping, tbh.
A few days before Anne Curtis and Erwan Heussaff officially tie the knot, it looks like the closest friends of the It couple have already found their way to the wedding venue. Solenn Heussaff, Isabelle Daza, Jessica Wilson, and the rest of

6 Effortless Summer OOTDs by Jessica Wilson

This It girl is hands down one of Manila's best dressed.
When it comes to cool-girl fashion, you can't come across a better peg than Jessica Wilson. Georgina's younger sister is a fixture on the local society scene, so her party OOTNs are always worth emulating—but her off-duty style is equally enviable.Here are six

10 Things You Need to Know About Jessica Wilson

This It girl is ready to take over.
Jessica Wilson is no stranger to the limelight. It’s no secret that she hails from a family of models (she’s Georgina Wilson’s younger sister, in case you didn’t know), so one might think this automatically makes her an expert in front of

5 Celebs and Their Instagram Beau-tographers

Yay for instant photogs!
The great thing about having an Instagram boyfriend/husband? Think of it as hitting two birds in one stone, or maybe even three. You get a photographer, a travel companion, and a date—all rolled into one. Below are some of our local stars

What the It Girls Wore to Georgina Wilson's Wedding

Every photo looked like it came out of an editorial.
If there's one more thing the It girls are good at, it would have to be their knack for nailing killer OOTD shots. Taking full advantage of the perfect chilly but sunny weather (definitely not something common in the rainy UK), the

How the Stars Dress Up Their Phones

They're always ready for a mirror selfie!
Dressing up your smartphone with a sturdy case not only protects it from unwanted scratches, it also says a lot about your personal style. We don’t know about you, but we prefer that our phones look stylish, too, especially for when we

Here’s the New OOTD Trend You Need to Master, Stat!

See how the celebrities are doing it.
How far should you be willing to go to take that perfect OOTD shot? Well, until you make it across the street, it seems.Forget your default lackluster pose of standing still with an awkward smile. A new OOTD trend is sweeping the

The Diaz It Girls Share Clothes Just Like the Rest of Us

Wardrobe sharing at its finest.
If you have a sister, a cousin, or even a BFF who lives next door, then we’re pretty sure you’ve borrowed clothes from each other at some point in your lives. The It girls, specifically the Diaz cousins, are no different. While

Avoid Looking Bagong Gising with These No Fuss Makeup Looks

Score tips from Jess Wilson, Martine Cajucom, and Georgina Wilson.
Beyoncé may have woken up like this, but let’s face it, we ain’t blessed with a glam squad like hers. But just because we’re lacking the extra help to make us look as flawless doesn’t mean we should totally ditch the idea

What to Wear to the Beach, According to the It Girls

Who says it’s too early for summer?
Halfway around the world, the bloggers are surviving winter in style by sporting lots of layers. But in a tropical country like ours, it’s never too early for summer. Want to score some ideas on what to wear for your next beach

7 Celebrity-Approved Ways to Wear a Button-Front Skirt

Hop on the '70s trend!
The fashion world is still very much in love with all things seventies—and nope, we’re not complaining! The button-front skirt in particular is one of the many trends that got us hooked since last year, and clearly, it’s here to stay this

The Best of Local Celebs’ Christmas OOTDs

See the stars who were all dressed to the nines.
In celebration of the Yuletide season, it's no wonder that the stars still managed to shine bright and dress to the nines. Below, check out the best of local celebrities' Christmas OOTDs this year:Some kept it cool and casual in white:Teen Queen

How To Look Good Even Without Mascara

Yes, it’s possible!
Browse through the backstage photos of the Spring 2016 shows of Michael Kors, Stella McCartney, and Prada and you’ll notice something missing—coated lashes, an odd turn since Fall was pretty much all about the comeback of spider lashes and graphic twiggy fringes. But

9 Ways to Nail the Perfect Couple OOTD Shot

Take cues from these real-life celebrity sweethearts.
Whether you’re leaving for a travel adventure with your beau or simply going out on a date, what better way to bring home a sweet memory than with a captured picture-perfect moment? And when it comes to double-tap worthy couple OOTD shots,

The Best of 2015 Celebrity Halloween Costumes

See the stars who were dressed to kill.
Halloween only comes once in a year. It's the perfect excuse to dress up and be whoever (or whatever) you want to be. And when it comes to the 31st of October, we can always count on the stars to show up

10 Celebrity Fashion Moments in Elevators

A cool new place to take your selfies and OOTDs!
Running out of solid-colored backdrops and brick walls for your OOTD needs? Problem solved! Head over to the nearest elevator (we recommend those with mirrors!) and snap away. It is, after all, the new celebrity-approved place to gram your fashion moments. Take

FASHION EDITORIAL: Jessica Wilson in the Little Pink Dress

Learn how to wear the fashion forward shade.
You heard us, we said fashion forward. There’s no replacing the king and queen, black and white, but Princess Pink is now fully evolved and ready to take her rightful spot in fashion. Less poofy, more minimalist, and downright stylish, pink has


Cheat your way to acing that selfie! These stars approve.
Taking a double-tap worthy selfie doesn’t have to be rocket science. And because we don’t always have the luxury of time to sit for hours on the makeup chair, here’s a celebrity-approved trick that will make you reap those IG hearts in