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Fashion Girls, Here’s A Great Way to Help the Victims of Typhoon Ulysses

Singer Jess Connelly is teaming up with fashion brand TOQA to lend a helping hand
The horrors of typhoon season have greatly affected so many of our fellow countrymen and in an action to help, Filipino-Australian popstar Jess Connelly and sustainable high fashion brand TOQA have joined forces in the means of typhoon relief.  TOP STORY: Did You Know? All

12 Celebrity Birthday OOTDs To Cop For Your Next Big Day

Because, at least once a year, life can be all about you.
Go shorty, it's your birthday! Whether you've just celebrated (hi, Libra lady) or are just about to (so, you're a sassy Scorpio?) or are anticipating your special day somewhere else on the calendar, it never hurts to do a bit of outfit

Jess Connelly Has a Cool Yet Casual Way to Wear Animal Print

Here's how to tame your wild side.
If you can't seem to shake animal print's vampy vibes out of y0ur hair, we certainly don't blame you. That #aesthetic's too glam, you might be thinking, it's way too sultry for my ultra-casual taste. Well, why not meet the trend halfway?

13 Facts You Didn't Know About Jess Connelly

From Manila to the world, this R&B singing sensation is breaking boundaries and showing what Filipino talent is really made of.
In this Preview exclusive, we have our fingers on the pulse of who is next—and this time, our bet’s on the low-key but a real next-gen trailblazing recording artist, Jess Connelly. Connelly isn’t exactly a brand new face as she is a

Check Out These Celebrity-Approved Ways to Wear Boxy Tees

Chances are, you already have this top in your closet!
Boxy tees have long been one of our favorites for lazy days, but just in case you're running out of ideas to wear them, here are a few different ways you can style them, according to these celebs:Throw on a bandana to

10 Products You Need to Get Jess Connelly's Flawless Skin

Cop her au naturel look here.
She has the kind of face that makes you wonder where you've seen her before—the kind you’d spot on TV. True enough, in what she likes to call her “past life,” you might have. She was dubbed “Snow White” on Pinoy Big

How to Make Your Mom's Old Handbag Look Cool Again

Score style tips from Jess Connelly!
If you get your sartorial savvy from your mom, chances are she's got a closetful of vintage goodies you're free to raid. An example: the monogrammed handbag she keeps in one corner is the best kind of relic—they've been yoyoing in and

Jess Connelly Is the Newest Face of MTV Philippines

Congratulations, Jess!
It's out! Preview Best Dressed lister Jess Connelly is the newest face to join the MTV Philippines family.According to the channel's official Twitter account, Jess' show is called MTV Fuel and is set to hit your screen on Saturday, September 23, at

The Best Statement Beauty Looks at #PreviewXXII

See who stood out in the hair and makeup department!
At #PreviewXXII, not all of our favorite statements were printed on t-shirts. In fact, some of the boldest looks were all thanks to the display from the neck up. After all, a Preview girl is always photo-ready from hair to toe! Check

5 Runway-Ready Lip Products Celebrities Love

You'll love these, too!
Looking runway-ready isn't solely about a good outfit. An ensemble completed with a great beauty look goes so far, not to mention how essential it is to perfecting a selfie or an OOTD shot! Which is why, last night at the third

Nostalgic Tees Are the New Cool Girl Staple

Let this be your new summer go-to.
If you constantly pick your brains trying to crack down the cool girl equation, well, let us tell you that we’ve finally found a holy grail piece. We’re calling it—nostalgic tees are a cool girl staple. It’s almost as if everyone came

Our Best Dressed Girls Reveal When They Fell in Love With Fashion

It was love at first sight for some.
"It's my longest relationship," says film director Sam Lee when asked about her love affair with fashion. (Not that we'd ever break up with it, obviously.)You see, every girl who has found herself falling head over heels in love with style could very

How to Make T-Shirts Look Cool, According to Jess Connelly

The singer never compromises comfort for style.
"I like being comfortable," says Jess Connelly, whose daily style uniform involves a pair of sneakers, jeans, and a t-shirt. But Jess always finds a way to make it cool—or better yet, make it "her," be it through her dangerously lit cheeks,

5 Times Jess Connelly Was Our Comfy-Cool Style Peg

She's the queen of casual kicking.
No one makes a t-shirt and sweats combo look as good as Jess Connelly, one reason why she's on Preview's Best Dressed list for 2016! She has that slouchy, street-smart 90's aesthetic down to an art form—from teaming well-worn checked Vans with

Jess Connelly Debuts Her Music Video 'Radar/2AM'

See this #PreviewBestDressed girl's style in motion.
Admittedly we're still not over Jess Connelly's How I Love EP, but luckily we might just move on with the debut of her first music video featuring the LUSTBASS-produced track Radar/2AM. The video is directed by Julius Valledor, and is a mix of chill club