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The Cast of "Thirty-Nine" and Where You've Seen Them Before

Make sure to catch this K-drama on Netflix.
JTBC's Thirty-Nine puts female friendship front and center as the comedic yet poignant drama follows three women navigating their lives while at the cusp of turning forty. Son Ye Jin top bills the series alongside Hospital Playlist star Jeon Mi Do and theater actress

10 Pretty K-Drama Hairstyles to Try If You're Craving a New Look

Saving these pics ASAP.
Aside from the fantastic plots and swoon-worthy love stories, k-dramas are notable for the hairstyles sported by the leading ladies. Their hairdos definitely help shape the characters, and, we're not going to lie– we often find ourselves wanting to steal their looks!If you

10 Korean Actors Who Went the Extra Mile for Their Role

They prepared well and result is impressive!
Some K-drama and Korean movie characters are hard to portray. To make a role remarkable, an actor has to completely transform into a different person. And this doesn't just include the spectrum of emotions they need to show—sometimes, they have to master