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You Have to See This Spectacular "Crazy Rich Asians" Themed Debut

So many elements were inspired by the movie!
A tastefully opulent feast for the eyes, the movie adaptation of Crazy Rich Asians remains a popular style peg for grand events, more than a year after its release. Just take it from Christine Lim Catacutan, who celebrated the big 1-8 with a

You Have to See This Magical Mermaid-Themed Debut

This girl lived out her ocean princess dreams!
A girl's 18th birthday is often attributed to a grand celebration of her transition into adulthood. It's the one special day where all her young hopes and dreams can come into fruition. Whatever she so desires, her parents oblige. For Eunice Trinidad,

This Galaxy-Themed Debut Is Out of This World

This 18-year-old had the universe celebrating her big day.
How do you announce your coming of age into the world? With a big bang, of course–and that's exactly what 18-year-old Bianca Palad did! It seems the stars aligned for the birthday girl as she celebrated her Milky Way-themed debut at the Marriot

This Harry Potter-Themed Debut Is Every Potterhead's Fantasy

The gowns are just as magical!
This debutante just brought every Potterhead's fantasy to life. How often can you say that you came of age before the banquet of Hogwarts' Great Hall? Well, a certain Alyanna Gopez, a certified Ravenclaw, has achieved that fortune as she threw a

Pauleen Luna Goes Sexy in Her Pre-Wedding Boudoir Shoot

Not your typical pre-nup shoot.
While most engaged couples opt for the traditional pre-nuptial photo shoot, the 27-year-old Pauleen Luna who’s soon to wed Vic Sotto preferred to veer away from the norm and go sexy for a bridal boudoir, which is “a special portrait session to

How To Become A Prenup Stylist

Read on for expert advice on how to get hired by that happy couple.
Apart from taste-testing the cake and deciding on which font to use for the wedding invites, one of the most vital choices soon-to-be-married couples have to make is who to book for their pre-nuptial shoot. Basically, they need a team composed of