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Behind-the-Scenes of Our 'Spirited Away' Fashion Editorial

The team climbed a mountain, rode horses, and crossed streams for this shoot to happen.
In this month’s issue, Preview took us on a journey to a mystical world in its fashion editorial, Spirited Away. Much like the Studio Ghibli cult classic animated movie, the shots look breathtaking and otherworldly. You might've asked yourself while browsing through

#throwback Thursday: Our First Beauty Product

Style Bible editors gush about their initiation to vanity.
Apart from puberty-related changes (red days, zits, and growth spurts), using a beauty product proved to be an essential step in becoming a full-grown lady—similar to  a rite of passage. Back then, experimenting with makeup and skincare made us feel in control,

The Editors' Love Affair

We're having an affair. Read on to find out with what.
With fashion, that is. In fact, this has been going on for years and nope, we’re not apologizing for it. Though we’re not exactly contented as we find ourselves wanting more, we see no reason to hide such madness. In all respects,

Ask An Editor: Behind The Outfits

The Style Bible girls take you behind the scenes of the making of their Preview Ball dresses.
Before you start, know that it really takes a village; as any editor will attest, rare is the occasion that we roll out of bed and look red carpet-worthy. We are though extremely lucky to have lots of friends to help us

Staff Challenge: Street Style

Our editors sport the hot streetwear trend inspired by our June cover.
"I’m all for comfort and wearability, and my favorite gray dress from Collezione has that in spades. Since I use this dress a lot, I decided to change the way I style it by pairing it with my trusty sneaker wedges to

Staff Challenge: Print-on-print

The gloomy weather is no excuse for a drab outfit, as Editors up the ante with of-the-moment prints.
"I shook things up a bit by mixing two equally bold patterns—dragonfly-print and Jacquard—in contrasting yet complementing colors. I went all-out-unexpected by slipping into a pair of bright-hued heels."Nikki Santiago, Managing Editor, TheMall.phTop, Mango. Trousers, Topshop. Sandals, Zara"Looking at my closet, I

Beauty Lab: Coach Poppy Flower

A day in the life of five women, all armed with the brand's newest signature fragrance.
Fragrance reviews are the trickiest if only because matching perfume to a person is a highly subjective experience. Aside from preferences when it comes to scents, factors like lifestyle, personality and body composition are all deciders in the hunt for the ideal