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8 Celebrities Who Are Due to Give Birth This 2020

You're looking great, soon-to-be mamas!
It's a tricky time to be pregnant, what with the COVID-19 pandemic. But a child is a blessing as is being pregnant, even if it's challenging. As Mother's Day nears, let's check and see which celebrity mamas are due to give birth

10 Celebrity-Approved Workouts to Try at Home

Burn, baby, burn!
If you’ve watched everything on your Netflix checklist or made all the iced coffee beverages possible then maybe it’s time to get up and get those muscles moving. Exercise not only keeps you in tiptop shape but actually boosts your immune system—a

These Fab Moms Are Proof That It's Possible to Get Fit Post-Pregnancy

Iya Villania-Arellano and Hannah Olives reveal their fitness routine after giving birth!
Getting fit and staying in shape require more than discipline and hard work. To do so, you have to make a lifestyle change and commit to it! Of course, you'll also need the right gear to help you achieve your fitness goals.

7 Beach Wedding Ideas You Can Steal from Your Favorite Celebs

They make beach weddings extra special!
Beach weddings. Who wouldn't dream to have one, right? In a tropical country like ours, pristine beaches and clear waters are always just a few hours away. Just take a look at these celebrities who make beach weddings look like a breeze!

12 Local Celebrity BFFs Who Represent Our #FriendshipGoals

Boyfriends come and go but best friends are forever.
We all belong to some sort of squad or barkada, but at the end of the day, there’s always that one pal who knows you from head to toe better than, well, yourself. You share jokes only the two of you understand,

5 of the Wackiest Female Celebs on Instagram

They're talented and funny.
In need of instant laughs to perk up your gloomy day? Follow these wacky celebrities on Instagram whose random posts will surely crack you up!1. Maine Mendoza2. Anne Curtis3. Iya Villania4. Nikki Gil5. Solenn HeussaffWant more? Read the full article at Femalenetwork.comMinor

5 Celebrity Couples Who Should Be Your #FitnessGoals

Because couples who work out together stay fit together.
Are you still holding on to that "stay healthy" resolution? We know just as well as anyone that reaching your fitness goal is tough work. Sometimes, all you need is a bit of motivation and what could be better than your significant

11 Prettiest Gma Celebs

These breathtaking ladies will give you more reasons to tune in.
In a competitive industry like show business, it’s almost impossible to stand out in a sea of gorgeous-looking celebrities. But naturally, there will always be a few who can effortlessly shine brighter than the rest. Below, we go through GMA Network’s pool

The 5 Filipino Weddings You Will Attend This Month

From big artista weddings to conyo nuptials, we dissect each here.
Here in the Philippines, rainy June is no longer wedding month. Getting married anytime from chilly December to freezing February is the new wedding trend and today, we categorize the different kinds based on what we’ve observed in the past few weeks.

Iya And Drew Arellano's Wedding Film Will Make You Laugh And Cry

Will this extended SDE set a new trend in wedding videos?
A year ago, the lovely Iya Villania married the love of her life, Drew Arellano on a cliff at sunset in Antipolo. Just a few days ago, to celebrate their anniversary, Jason Magbanua released the couple’s wedding film - really, a director's cut of their

#watchhungerstop: The Celebs Join Hands To Fight Global Hunger

It only takes one selfless selfie to raise awareness.
If you’re looking forward to taking part in a good cause, October is definitely the best time to do it! From thinking pink to fight breast cancer, we move on to something blue to combat world hunger.In response to the World Food

Celebstagram: Who's Doing It With Nike?

Find out who among your favorite stars have found their solemates.
Attention sneakerheads! You might want to drop whatever it is you’re doing because we just scoured Instagram to find you the perfect solemate. A trip to the gym is no longer necessary in order for you to sport your cool kicks. If

Zodiac Style: Celebrities Born Under The Cancer Sign

We round up our year-long Zodiac Style series with Cancer.
As we conclude our Zodiac Style series, we focus on the sign considered as the most feminine, Cancer. They say that those born between June 22 and July 22 wear their heart on their sleeve, and based on our research, we'd like

Enter The Rabbithole

Get to know the creatives behind Iya and Drew's beautiful wedding.
You have probably seen Iya Villania and Drew Arellano’s pre-nup shoot, as well as Kristine Hermosa and Oyo Boy Sotto’s, and maybe even Vanessa Matsunaga and Jun Sunga’s? You know what they all have in common? RabbitHole Creatives produced and styled their beautiful,

Celebrity Halloween

See who your idols decided to personify at this year's Halloween festivities.
We bet you girls had so much fun making your costumes during the recent Halloween and then there was the thrill of seeing your friends in something so unexpected. Halloween 2013 may be over (sigh!), but we're bidding one of our favorite

Switch And Save

Watsons wants you to get value for money.
Celebrities are choosing to be smart shoppers just like  Iya Villania and Mikael Daez, the new Watsons Switch and Save campaign brand ambassadors. The two endorsers join the roster of celebs that have been part of the  Switch and Save campaign such as Divine Lee, Victor

Denim Darlings

The Bench girls have a case of the blues on Preview’s October cover.
Preview’s October 2012 cover celebrates two things: homegrown (now global) lifestyle and clothing brand Bench’s 25th anniversary and the chic nonchalance that comes with the pairing of denim jeans and a white tank.Taking inspiration from English actress and singer Jane Birkin (whose

Bench Uncut Beauty

Global beauty reigns at the Bench Uncut fashion show.
Every year, the Bench underwear show pushes the limit of beauty, fashion and public display of skin to an eager audience. With this year's Bench Uncut divided into five global parts, it showcased international beauty, highlighting trends that we can all pick