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Review: This App Turns Your Smart Phone Into a Film Camera

Can you wait three whole days to see your photos?
In a sea of smart phones promising clear and high-quality photos, film cameras seem to have lost their place. Modern technology caused most people to forget the lost art of traditional photography. And with this app, its creators aim to bring back

5 Beauty Apps You Need On Your Phone

Get your daily beauty fix delivered right at your fingertips.
For the tech-savvy the internet knows no bounds, especially when it’s right on your smartphone. But the best thing to pop out of this modern living situation is probably the invention of apps. Exciting, time consuming, and utterly addicting, we weed out

Fashion Forward

Five style-slick apps keep us clicking that heart button.
Chic FeedNo one can get enough of street-style blogs these days. This app feeds that need by working as a curator of the hippest and au courant styles found on the streets across the globe. Some of the photos collected by Chic

Belofy Me!

Belo’s new app lets users try on a look before going under the knife.