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These Handpainted Mirrors Will Instantly Make Your Space Look Aesthetic

It'll level up your photos in an instant.
If quarantine has taught everyone a thing or two about interior decorating, it’s a must to shop for home decor that will make your space look “Instagrammable”. So if you’ve already bought dried flowers, a statement Scandinavian vase, pretty potted plants, and

These Are the Best Brands to Check Out When Shopping for Luxury Furniture

Here are some of the world's most notable luxury furniture brands and their iconic pieces.
In a world where iconic furniture is constantly being replicated, it pays to know which brand makes which. To help you, we've listed down some of the top furniture brands of the 20th century.B&B Italia has been one of the world's leading

Kris Aquino’s Former Three-Storey House in Quezon City

The actress/entrepreneur and her sons lived in this country-cottage-inspired sanctuary for three years.
After living in a condominium in Makati, Kris Aquino marked a milestone in 2013 when she and her kids moved into this three-storey property in Quezon City. The house, which has an enchanting garden, features open spaces, investment furniture pieces, and a

7 Timeless Paint Colors for Your Home

These beautiful hues will never go out of style!
If you think that the classic paint color is white, then you might want to reconsider. Even though white goes with any style, there are myriad other hues that can add drama and depth to your home. And these paint colors are

Take a Tour of Iza Calzado’s Modern Eclectic Condo Unit

The award-winning actress’ high-rise haven in Makati reflects her naughty and nice personality.
It’s safe to say that Iza Calzado’s condo unit in Makati is an achievement built on hard work, patience, and perseverance. After selling her house in Quezon City, the actress began looking for a new home in Makati and acquired this spacious

How to Set the Table for Brunch, According to Ito Kish

This just might be the year of at-home entertaining.
If the word “tablescape” making it into the Preview girl lexicon is proof of one thing, it’s that this just might be the year of at-home entertaining. Besides, there’s something grown up about having guests over, no? Here we ask a few

5 Ways To Make Small Spaces Look Elegant

Architect and designer Allen Oblena dishes out tips on how to turn your compact home into a luxurious abode.
Achieving a high-end looking home can be a challenge, especially if you have limited room to style. However, just because there are a few decorating speed bumps, it doesn't mean it's impossible to get your tiny home looking expensive. If you're ready

This Condo is a Place Where Your Pastel Dreams Are Fulfilled

Cool colors and space-saving furniture turn this studio unit into a bright and Pinterest-worthy home.
We’ve seen a good number of condo units and it’s safe to say that no two spaces are the same. While all homes feature smart layouts, clever furniture picks, and lovely colors, each has its own unique feature that sets it apart

5 Things You Never Thought You Could Add in a Small Space

These smart and surprising hacks will leave you inspired
It’s no secret—tiny units and limited spaces bring out the best in us. Whether it’s discovering an organizing hack or coming up with unexpected storage solutions, we’ve learned quite a lot when it comes to making the most of small space living.While

This Is What A Preview-Designed Home Would Look Like

A room of one's own.
Welcome home! Let us show you what happens when three interior designers dress up a Preview pad in three of 2017's biggest trends. Fashion that goes beyond the closet and into the entire space? Now that's living in style.ERIKA UICHANCOIMAGE Arlene SyInterior

12 Gorgeous Closets We Can’t Stop Dreaming Of

A girl can dream, right?
The year is almost over, and you’ve probably started thinking about all the changes you want to make in 2017, right? So why not start early? Donate all the stuff you no longer use, and make room for all the wonderful things

Laureen Uy's Condo Looks Like a Mini Disneyland

And her closet is to die for.
There's something about fashion and interiors that go hand in hand. Both require a certain eye for aesthetics to make things interesting, and that can definitely be said about this fashion girl's pad. This week we unearthed a tour of Laureen Uy's

4 Chic Ways to Incorporate All-White Interiors in Your Home

These spaces are clean, crisp, and almost heavenly
There's something about all-white interiors that is simply inspiring. Some might say that monochrome spaces are difficult to maintain, but you can't deny that they also evoke a sense of luxury and sophistication that colorful rooms don't have. Instead of shying away from

Holiday Gift Guide for the Chic Homebody

For the posh stay-at-home chick.
We all have that one friend who’d rather spend the night in her Makati condo than head out for a round of drinks on a Friday night. And why wouldn’t she if her bachelorette pad looks as posh as the ones you

33 of the Most Pinterest-Worthy Bathrooms

Plus, tips on how to redecorate yours at home!
I wouldn’t be the first to admit that a lot of great ideas come to mind while inside the bathroom. There’s just something about it that’s so peaceful, which allows you to clear your head of everything that’s clouding it. That said,

Inside the Homes of 6 World Famous Fashion Designers

Dear Mr. Valentino, care to swap?
From abandoned hotels to modern lofts, these designer homes will make any interior fanatic’s heart flutter. Here, see the most fabulous living spaces of the world’s tastemakers:The Villa Casa Casuarina, Miami(Formerly known as the Versace Mansion)Built in 1930 by architect and heir

IG WORTHY: The Shelfies at This Filipino Cafe

Brooklyn-inspired? Not.
These days, we eat with our eyes as much as our mouths. Plating is very important, but of course there's one thing our eyes feast on even before our orders land on the table - a restaurant's interior design."Interiors are very important because a