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You Can Now Buy a Jeff Koons Balloon Animal Sculpture in Rustan's

He holds the world record for the most expensive work sold by a living artist.
Jeff Koons may well be one of the most successful and controversial artists of this century. Most known for his larger-than-life, mirror-polished stainless steel rendering of balloon dogs (yes, like something a clown would make for a three-year-old's birthday party), Jeff currently

These Photos Will Convince You to Have an All-White Bedroom

Feel like you're on cloud nine the moment you step into your personal space.
Nothing quite compares to a clean, relaxing, and cozy bedroom. While you can always take a power nap in the living area or sneak in a few minutes of shut-eye in a snug spot in your home, the bedroom is still the

How to Set the Table for Brunch, According to Ito Kish

This just might be the year of at-home entertaining.
If the word “tablescape” making it into the Preview girl lexicon is proof of one thing, it’s that this just might be the year of at-home entertaining. Besides, there’s something grown up about having guests over, no? Here we ask a few

5 Ways To Make Small Spaces Look Elegant

Architect and designer Allen Oblena dishes out tips on how to turn your compact home into a luxurious abode.
Achieving a high-end looking home can be a challenge, especially if you have limited room to style. However, just because there are a few decorating speed bumps, it doesn't mean it's impossible to get your tiny home looking expensive. If you're ready

Check Out Liz Uy’s Glam Kitchen and Dining Areas

Inside the It Girl's sophisticated yet cozy condo.
Did you know that fashion stylist and It girl, Liz Uy holds a degree in hotel, restaurant, and institution management? While most of us are familiar with the fashion editorials she has styled or the celebrities she works with, there’s more to

This Design Exhibit Feels Like Visiting a Chic Stranger's Home

Jaws will definitely drop.
Wouldn't it be amazing if all opulently-designed homes were open to the public? It'd be like walking through a Pinterest board IRL. Unfortunately, security issues might keep that one a dream. Which is why until then, exhibits will be the next best

7 Scented Candles to Help You Relax When You’re Stressed

Come and rest your bones.
Nothing feels more relaxing than filling your home with a comforting scent as you rest your weary bones after a day’s toil. Candles, after all, bridge the gap between what sits on top of your vanity dresser and your kitchen counter top.

Holiday Gift Guide for the Chic Homebody

For the posh stay-at-home chick.
We all have that one friend who’d rather spend the night in her Makati condo than head out for a round of drinks on a Friday night. And why wouldn’t she if her bachelorette pad looks as posh as the ones you

6 Things You Need for a Posh Bathroom

Come out of the shower feeling like a million bucks.
Bathrooms are kind of our little haven. It’s that quiet place where we get to spend our cherished “me” time and ponder on things about life. (Don’t even try to deny that some of your greatest realizations were made mid-lather.) So to

Street Party At Brixton!

Food trucks and bands for Heima's sixth birthday! Click the gallery to see who celebrated.
For its sixth year, quaint home and lifestyle shop Heima took it to the sidewalk with food trucks parked right outside the Kapitolyo store, as live acts SimilarObjects, Maya’s Anklet, Birdforms, The Strangeness, Ciudad, The Strange Creatures, Hana Acbd, and Ang bandang Shirley played

Where To Buy Wall Prints

Print on print isn't just for your outfits.
One thing we took away from invading Rajo Laurel’s atelier is that art gives your space character. Now, you don’t need to be a bonafide gallery girl to pick up some pieces to hang in your living room. Wall prints and framed

Rosanna Ocampo's 4 Tips For Adding Color To Your Work Space

Your atelier need not look like an Art Attack project.
Sometimes fifty shades of black and white just won’t do when it comes to decorating a space. After all, what’s life without color? Here, we share a couple of tips we picked up from Rosanna Ocampo when it comes to playing with

Let Rajo Laurel Show You Where To Score The Best Furniture

The secret is mixing high and low end pieces when creating that personal look.
Frustrated minimalist Rajo Laurel believes that light is a key factor in creating a good workspace. Everything starts from it so he specially designed his studio to let the light pass through. For the second part of our new series, Style Bible

Let Boom Sason Teach You How To Create A Home Office

Get this: She has a special "Rihanna wall."
For fashion designer Boom Sason, living so close to work is both a blessing and a curse. On the positive side, it’s easy for her to just escape into her bedroom or kitchen when she feels like taking a break from dealing

5 Outfit Ideas Inspired By Living Spaces

Who says you can't get outfit inspirations out of home decor?
For girls like us, chic was never limited to just how one dresses–it’s a way of living. That of course includes how we dress up our homes. Earlier this week we were delighted to hear that American home furnishings retailers Pottery Barn